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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by redundancyDRAMA, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Ok I need help i joined up in 1999 (75) left in 2004 rejoined in 2007-present (05) ok i was planning on leaving due to family reasons so i applied for redundancy thinking anything is better than nothing right ive been given 18k lump sum again better than nothing so i can accept that as i was warned beforehand my drama concerns my resettlement it says Im not edible for any resettlement grant looking at my time severed its 6 years and 56 days (2nd time) which i thought wud mean i get the full resettlement can anyone shed sum light on this as i cant work it out i needed that to help retrain me into a trade thanks in advance 1st time i severed for 5 years so paid for my own resettlement
  2. This is because of a change in how SPVA interpret 'relevant service' - they are excluding aggregated AFPS 75 service (following a break) so, although it counts for pension, it does not count for resettlement grant, EDP or redundancy. The definition was interpreted more generously for Tranche 1 which makes it sting even more.

    Lots of others in your position are lodging Service Complaints. There is also a legal challenge brewing - barrister handling is at Coffin Mew - Solicitors Southampton, 1000 Lakeside Portsmouth, Gosport | Employment Lawyers Southampton | Fareham.