Need help replacing Combat Jacket and sleeping bag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jlloyd666, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi there

    I am in the T.A and I’m looking to replace some of the kit I’ve been issued. I was given a very old combat jacket and after washing it several times (and trying to iron it once) it looks like a bag of sh*t. For the field its fine, I was told that the crumpled effect helps break up my outline (don’t know if this is true). However it does look a mess, my corporal keeps coming over and trying to square it off but I can’t iron the corners down and the diamond pattern that’s woven into the jacket makes it impossible to look tidy. I'd like to buy what I believe is called a smock. I believe the difference is that the smock has a hood and is made of different material. I've looked for a "smock" online and there are quite a few different types (SAS, PARA, Windproof etc...). Could someone please point me in the direction of a retailer that stocks the type of smock usually issued to the T.A.


    I'm 6ft 6, the sleeping bag Ive been issued with is amazing, I acutally fit in it which I was amazed with. However it is as you can imagine massive. When I was being bumped on my training exercise getting my sleeping bag into my Bergen was like wrestling with a parachute that never seemed to end. Is there a more compact type of sleeping bag you can get hold of that’s perhaps thinner but just as effective.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


  2. Use google for both of those answers.

    Also use Search.
  3. Try googling Combat Jacket. You will be deluged with Army Surplus jackets(current issue).
  4. Try putting a f*cking big hole in your combat jacket (catch it on a fence/door handle use your imagination) and then exchanging it.

    While your there ask for a light weight sleeping bag
  5. Are TA not allowed to exchange unserviceable kit through unit QM's where necessary?
  6. Of course they are, his is not U/S, just untidy.

    As CAARPS suggested, damage it accidentally.
  7. to be honnest neither are "unservicable" So I cant. I would try the trick with ripping a big hole in it but our new regiment HQ is in sheffield and our troop is based outside London, so I'd rather buy it and save the hastle.
  8. You have a G4 chain so use it, just get it exchanged.
  9. Just tell the truth, you want a smock to look cool, go on no one will laugh or take the p*ss, honest :wink:
  10. of course not the 20 mil we got back had to come from some where :)
  11. I'd suggest getting yourself a para smock. Trust in me and EM, know one will pull you up on it.

    Honest. ;-)

    Tell ya PSI Fally said it was good to go. :D
  12. I'd also suggest you stop posting and get your account deleted, your PERSEC is crap.
  13. Is that good or bad? :wink:
  14. why not earn a para smock by doing p coy.
  15. You don't have to go to RHQ to get an exchange, SHQ or equivalent should be fine.

    As has been said a few times, 'catch it on something sharp' (like a leatherman) and hand it in as f*cked. You will then get a smock.

    If you insist that you must buy, the new Smock is referred to on the web as an SAS Smock, as what everyone is currently issued used to be called the SAS Smock. And let's face it, if you write SAS on anything, you can double the price.

    The-Outdoors sell them for about £15 in G1 condition. Otherwise, look on eBay for the best price.

    As for a sleeping bag, I am 6'8" and I fit happily in my Softie 9. In fact, all Softie bags are made to 220cm. I just find that the Softie 9 is the best all rounder if you want a 1-for-all sleeping bag, and it's nice and green to keep the sceptics happy. Though be warned, it's near impossible to actually get comfortable in a Softie, as they are a bit 'up close and personal'... and the zips are a f*cking nightmare. If you get bumped usually getting out the bastard thing is usually your biggest concern. But everybody uses them, so you'll be no worse off than anyone else. And if you're not inf, the chances of actually getting bumped post-basic any more than 1 night a year are pretty slim.

    I thought everyone had been through this a thousand times....

    why don't you?

    if it means that much to you, f*ck off and cuddle your para smock, because nobody wants to hear your put-down 'go do P Coy' drivel on here.