need help pls

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rinc, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. hallo people i just apply to join the army, i want 2 do dog handler

    i have 4 year of dog handling and training.

    i have done the following course at sparsholt college in hampshire,

    BTEC First Diploma in Animal Care
    BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management
    Advanced National Certificate in Animal Management (City & Guilds)
    First Aid for Dogs and Cats
    Dog Agility trainer

    and it abit about my self

    i am 22 year old male, love working with anytype of animal's, i work out ever other day, i can run a mile and half in 8:54 mins :D ,
  2. What help do you need?

  3. what do you need help with ?? :?
  4. do you think i will get on to the dog handler training in the army as i done alot of course working with animal,
  5. I don't see why not?

    Do you prefer crunchy, or smooth peanut butter?
  6. thank you and i cant eat nuts :D
  7. You will get in mate dont worry just crack on with the rest of the process buddy and good luck :)
  8. thank you,
  9. You're not supposed to eat it yourself :)
  10. Yes you can certainly join as a dog handler....but not for a while.

    I initially attempted to join as a dog handler. I was told that by availability to demand ratio it was by far and away the most sought after job and the waiting list would be long, well over 2 years. I gave up and went for my second job choice as a tanky.

    I know two people within the military who are awaiting a dog handler course and have been for close to 8 months now and will still likely be waiting in another 8 months. You are often told that if you join up in another role and then apply to transfer when your in, it may speed the process up. Let me assure you that it isn't true.

    Add to the mixture that the army is now at near 100% operational strength for the first time in 10 years and your wait looks to be even longer.

    Job availability is based on how many positions are available for that job, how many of them are filled and what the estimated depreciation/wastage is going to be. As you can imagine with so many people both currently serving who want to go for this role, and the number of people attempting to go for it from joining, it's never going to be a easy thing to get.

    I don't want to sound like I'm piddling on your fire here but I would rather you approached this with your eyes open.

    Anyhow, your qualifications/experience certainly might help but like most things with the military, they teach you what they want you to know, so in most cases prior qualifications aren't really any assistance in your application. Be sure to list them though in the section that asks you for qaulifications and skills in your sign up papers.
  11. thank you all for all your help
  12. Why can't you eat nuts?
  13. Do you have an alterior sexual motive for joining or is English not your first language? :D
  14. why do u think lol cus it will kill me, lol