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I would like to know of a site that provides information about the 1940 barn massacre of Royal Warwicks by Mohnke in Wormhoult.
I visited there the weekend as part of a battlefield tour. As the Royal Warwicks are our forerunners, I would like to know a bit of history about what happened on that day.
Can anyone help, I have searched Mohnke, Wormhoult etc etc and cannot find anything. :-/


Crossed lines here, there was clearly more than one massacre, silly me for being so naive, to think the Nazi's (may they rot in hell) would only do it once!!
Yep Vermin.

28/29th May. Norfolks on the 28th, Warwicks, Cheshires and RA on the 29th. Same SS unit involved in both.

And whatever you read by the fcuking revisionist scum who proliferate on the web, on both occasions, the units had surrendered to Panzer Grenadier Wehrmacht units. The SS were the follow up.

No excuse, they did it because they liked defenceless squaddies best.

However, we did the same to them in 1944, especially after they got up to their old tricks around Caen...


I tried Royal Norfolks Barn Massacre on Google and got 5 resultd that may help. I'd do a fancy link like the others but haven't a clue how at the moment. G'luck.


er, that's results. And you should also try WORMHOUDT 1940 which brings up some bits and peices to. I'll keep looking abouta nd get back if your interest stays!


thanks all for your help, I have gathered a lot of info now.

PtP let's see if me little pic works!

obviously not - I give up!
It helps if u put the entire url between the image tags -lolololol Well done.

Now just trying to get mine done, several choices, but I decided to go 4 the one that won't get me a CO's interview  ;D



Sorry this is nothing to do with the massacre but I know why you can't get youre picture to work.

The site you are linking to is a members only site, as such it wont allow the picture to be displayed to anyone who is not a member of the site, you may be able to see youre picture but nobody else can, if you want I can put the picture on the web for you and send you the address which you can then put into youre profile and we can all ogle you then ;D

PTP has my real email adress which would be better if youre sending the photo to me as the hotmail one is pretty crap for getting large files accross.



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Kin hell, got to be a new record, 15 years!!


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I realise that the OP is no longer on Arrse and that the thread is 15 years old. I don't normally bother looking at requests for help by people who think that a thread entitled Need help please is going to catch my attention.

Had I seen this I'd have recommended this

Amazon product
which I found (or something exceedingly similar) in my local library about 20 years ago.

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