Need help outing a 3 para walt

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sb_maam, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys need some help. Any ideas how I can check an alleged 3 para falklands vet's story?
    Has no medals, no beret, no para reg tattoo which made me very suspicious. Claims to have been awarded MM in NI (not true no record in London Gazette).
    The stories are endless with no proof. I believe he did serve at some time certainly has suitable tattoos, but not with 3 para. Claims to have been with A coy Mt. Longdon but can't give specific details. Also claims to have been posted to Derry early 80's but I didn't think para's went to Derry post Bloody Sunday?

    Be really grateful for any assistance
  2. If you had his name and passed it around im shure you would get a anser.
  3. 3 Para were in Germany late 70s until about 1981 ish(.?) the time of the Falklands they were in Tidworth. Dont know if they they did a stint in Derry in the early 80s, but its easy to find out when and where a regiment was at any given time.

    Apart from that, there will be people on here who would have come across him if he did serve.

    Ask him the name of the barracks in Tidworth and ask him a few questions..such as battalion personalities..if you know the answer.

    His medals would be the N Ireland medal, the South Atlantic Campaign medal and of course the MM.

    If he hasnt got these, then where are they?...sounds like a walt to me.
    The fact he cant give specific details about the Falklands could indicate hes telling a few porkies.
  4. Thank you. No medals apart from Gulf 1. Cloth Para wings (you can get those anywhere). Porkie pies with extra pork i suspect. How can I check deployments?
  5. Why not join the para site and give them your approximate location. Surely one of their chaps can join you for an ale outing, or is it an outing ale?.
  6. Ask him what platoon he passed out with.Should be a number.
    Easy to out anyone that way.

  7. Exacly...cant be any easier than that.Problem solved.

    It would probably have been 4** something, if he served at the times given.

  8. 3 para did a op banner tour in belfast in 78 A coy I am 99% certain were at macrory pk
  9. How about you stop walting with a name like that and not even in the Army!!
  10. You have accused me of walting a few times i have not walted at all,if having the name britishairborne somehow offends you please let me know.
  11. First question, are you in the army?

    Second question, if you have not done the course why have you got a username that would imply you have?
  12. Evidence? in what context?
  13. British airborne-with a name like that and that avatar you will naturally attract flak-especially if your none of the above.Thats life kidda!
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