Need Help on finding old soldiers grave

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Albion Guy, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi Lads /Lassies

    My Aunt is getting on a bit and she has recently been saying that one last thing she would like to do is visit her fathers grave. He died at the tail end of WW2. However she doesnt know where he is buried.

    Wondering if anyone could give me some links where i could start looking to find out.
    He was actually in the Navy so Im guessing the first links i would need is to the Navy equivalent to ARRSE , any other links you think would be useful would be appreciated too.
    Going to post his details below in case they help with knowing what places I could look. cheers in advance fellas

    Adam William Docherty
    Royal Navy
    HMS Bedouin
    DOB 25/5/1917
    Deceased 5/5/1945
    Podasam Hospital
  2. have you tried the commonwelth war graves site

    searched it for you

    hope its him

    CWGC :: Casualty Results

    click the above link
  3. Sadly, it looks as though he may have no known grave: his name is engraved on the Chatham Naval Memorial - see here CWGC :: Casualty Details
  4. Yeah, I got the same search results as 40C and mrrandom, looking into it a bit more, I discovered he was a POW in Czech when he died therefore it may be that he was buried unmarked. He has as mentioned have an engraving on Chatham Naval Memorial.
  5. Don't know of this is any use-

    15th June 1942 Under attack by Italian force comprising cruisers MONTECUCCOLI and


    and Ex-Yugoslav PREMUDA.

    Led by HMS CAIRO took part in attack on Italian ships with HM Destroyers


    Came under 6in gunfire and hit by 12 shells causing severe damage and

    fire in gearing room. with structural damage forward. Ship disabled.

    Taken in tow by HMS PARTRIDGE which had also been damaged.

    Came under torpedo attack by aircraft during which two were shot down

    after having dropped their weapon one of which hit the ship.

    Sank quickly in position 36.12N, 11.37E SW of Pantellaria.

    28 of ships company lost their lives and the remaining 213 were rescued

    by an Italian hospital ship and became prisoner of war.

    (Note: The account given in THE NAVAL WAR IN THE

    MEDITERRANEAN 1940-43 is at variance with other sources

    which include Supplement to LONDON GAZETTE dated



  6. Oh man, you guys are something else. Seriously. I thought this was the begining of a hard slog of info chasing. You have no idea what this means to me. It was going to be like a mission for me to get this info as my aunt has cancer and the prognosis is just a few months.
    Im not sure how much info she has surrounding the actual sinking, I will ask her if she wants me to find out before actually telling her as some people may prefer not to know how their family member died.
    Seriously people , you have my immense gratitude. Nearly in tears here. Thank you
  7. not a problem mate, best of luck
  8. If you still can't find it, a trip to the Imperial war museum (London or Manchester (Classed as IWM North) and you'll find that one of the staff will help and guide you through the computer system to find the grave. Veyr helpful people.
  9. in this case I don't know how detailed the photo would be but when i was trying to trace my great uncles grave they were able to supply me with an image of his gravestone in tunis in high enough res for me to read his service number etc

    The War Graves Photographic Project worth 3 quid for a digital copy
  10. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Does this help

    CWGC :: Cemetery Details

    Heres a list of all German WW2 POW and internment camps there are not many in Czechoslovakia but none of the names are Podasam

    POW Camps
  11. This may help Albion Guy-

    The Wartime Memories Project - The Second World War - HMS Bedouin

    POW's from the Bedouin went to Stalag 7A or 8B

    On that link is a brief message from a Terence Doyle who was on the Bedouin and captured at the same time as your aunts father,there is an email option, if he is still around hemay be able to help
  12. There is also a survivors account here-

    BBC - WW2 People's War - The Bedouin

    Read it carefully before relaying it to your aunt though.

    If her father was with this POW after the sinking it would appear to have been an unpleasant time and POW's were marched from Poland to Czechoslovakia
  13. Again a million thanks. Ive got much more info than I ever dreamed I would find for her. The photos will be of immense comfort to her as well. I think the next step is to get her down to the memorial in Chatham. Im going to do a bit more digging regards the cemetry in Prague,if I found that he was buried there I would arrange a surprise week-end for her to go see it.
    I lied in my last post, I am not nearly in tears here , I am.
    Really appreciate your help