need help on colour blindness

iya every1 - i am going to lichfield on 10th of april for my 2 day selction and i'm not realy boverd about much else except for the colour blind test as i know i am actualy colour blind. The career i am going for is the guards and i'm just wondering if my colour blindness will effect me at all??? what makes matters wrse is I wrk at specsavers- so my advise is not go there as the people hu wrk there are just as blind as ne1 else


PassingBells, I did actually give him a semi-sensible and helpful answer in his original thread.
He may be struggling to understand it due to a lack of spelling and grammatical errors. I’m trying to find a chav to English dictionary so I can communicate with him in his own language but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack :(
Click on the helpful search button above. Type in 'colour blindness' in the box- there are literaly hundreds of threads on the subject.

clik on d helpful srch butN abof. typ n color blindness' n d box- ther R literaly hNdrdz of threads on d subjec. PS U R a cnut

Vigs said:
i'm not realy boverd
Ahh, so close! :lol:

When the day comes that some numpty actually uses the phrase "am I bovvered?" on here, I'll probably choke on my tongue.
I can help here. Red is the mushy brown colour next to the mushy brown colour, which incidentally is green.

Alternatively colour blindness could adversely prejudice your health, imagine if you didn't see the coolours approaching, failed to salute..well you get the picture (the guys in bearskins and mushy brown tunics are the guards by the way)...
Fancy a game of snooker? Better let me rack them up though.

as an infanteer/guardsman you can be colour-blind.

It is very common amongst males - to be red-green colour blind (CP 3)

but youre fukced if you want to go to a tech trade like signaller - or even worse, bomb disposal
'do i cut the red - or the green?'

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