need help no money what shall i do

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, May 9, 2007.

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  1. well i start my training at winchester on july 23rd. About 2 weeks ago i lost my job and i spend 2 weeks looking for work even tryed all the agenices but they have not got back to me. Ive got some item's that i shall be needed during phase 1 but i am still in need of my 4 passport photo's and birth c and maybe some bits and bob's. i just claimed for jobseeker's allowence yesterday but i have a feeling i wont see any money for atleast a month while the claim is being processed.
    am in a mess aswell because i owe my mum quite abit with rent. so yea am in quite abit of a mess.

    what shall i do go speak to my AFco to see if they can help me out
  2. What's it got to do with them?
  3. Your posts seem to indicate that you are quite keen, if a little bit thick. And maybe you can't help the chav bit, although if you could try to minimise it; it may help you.

    The answer to your question is go to Macdonalds, ask for job application, fill it in there and then, start work Friday.

    The military hierarchy, and your buddies in training and your regiment (if you make it there), would rather have a bloke who is self motivated, proactive and keen to help himself than a scrounging waster.

    Careful of becoming even more chavvy while working in Macdonalds.
  4. Um...if I was you the best bet would be to get a part-time job or maybe work in a factory, 2 months is a long time with no money. Even frying chips at Maccy D's for a few weeks would bring you something in!
  5. Exactly what I did before I joined up! Worked my ass off too, it was a bit of relief getting in the army after working there.
  6. We seem to have a consensus.

    Go to it killergibbo, and serve those fries. It may be a shit job, but it is a means to an end and that is the only thing that matters.
  7. lmao as it happens ive already worked for maccy's wen i was 16 i worked there till i was 20....ive already tried gettin my job back there but they wont let me come back because they know am joining the army and they seem to think its pointless as i will be quiting in a number of weeks.

    i might try my town center maccys but i aint holding my hopes on them but we shall see what happens
  8. You need to find the type of "labour agency" where you turn up first thing in the morning and wait with a load of other bods for the day's odd jobs to come in. It'll be labouring in warehouses, factories that sort of thing.

    ( Forget Construction industry if you haven't got a Sub-contractor's card. )

    Anyway, back to the agency, take whatever is offered. There'll be jobs that no-one else wants.

    Another thing to look for is work as a roadie (say "stagehand"). There's usually jobs going putting stages up and down for gigs, exhibitions etc. This stuff goes on all the time and you'll get used to working nights, handballing kit in and out of wagons, sleeping when and where you can etc.


    here are some to phone up:

    If you're old enough ask at your local pub when they have a band on if you can help out. It might get you some cash paid straight out.
  9. There's always jobs out there if you are prepared to work.
    A top tip is not to tell your future employer that you're joining the army and will not be with them for very long.
  10. Bar work, pubs up and down the country. All you need to do is walk in to any pub and ask if they need staff. Simple really.

    P.S. Get a grip of your finances when you're in mate, nothing worse than a financial admin. nightmare.
  11. mate, you've got ages yet dont fret

    2 months is easily enough to find part time work
  12. Trust me if you can deal wit this the Army will be a breese!
    Can only encourage as most have done - get of your butt and be proactive.

    There will be times when in the Army that even as a Tom you will have to make a judgement call - to do something is better than to do nothing at all.
    You want the kit for when you join - then you have a goal - to achieve go get a job - you will feel better in yourself being pro active and if you do not believe yourself and your own qualities then why should anyone else - remember that - debts can be paid back over time.

    Now take all the quality advice above and good luck in both your quests!

  13. cheers for the replys guy's

    yea am going to start trying at asda and other supermarkets.....and yea i wont say anything about joining the army in 2 months maybe thats the reason i aint had any reply's
  14. Find the local marquee companies and give them a call, they always need help (esp with Summer almost here) and it's usually cash in hand, casual labour.