Need help!!! Just been tasked with an essay!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by piranhapingu, Jun 14, 2004.

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  1. :( Hi guys just here 2see if u could help me find some info!!???

    Ive just been tasked by me 2ic 2write an essay on "The British Army is having to adjust to the new type of threat posed by assymetric warfare. Discuss the implications of these changes on existing Army doctrine."

    Any help or info u could give me would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. you may have difficulty writing an essay if you use text speech like that?

    very journolistic title for an essay anyway?
  3. Regt 2ic or section 2ic?
  4. And i thought u were gna give me some proper info lol!! I can write when i hav2!!! :p
  5. I think some of the keys on your keyboard are broken.
  6. You lazy bar-steward, do a google:


    What is Assymetric Warefare?,3604,562144,00.html

    Iraq's Asymmetric Threat to the United States and U.S. Allies

    Reshaping the Military for Asymmetric Warfare

    Counterterrorism & Security International Magazine: The Evoloution of Terrorism

  7. If ur not gna help wiv my problem then can u stop wastin my time please!!!??
  8. If u aint gna help me wiv my problem then can u please stop wastin my time!!??? Thank u!!
  9. Get on and write it yourself you lazy feckwit. You were given this essay in order to test your ability to do the research and draw some sensible conclusions and you won't demonstrate that by blagging it off the internet in general or this forum in particular.

    Bloody YOs! In my day... blah, blah blah...
  10. And you are the future - god help us.

    Presumably you are being assessed for your suitability for promotion. The answer is "NOT YET" I think.
  11. Not trying to blag just trying to get some information as 2what it means exactly!!!! Thanks very much but i thought thts what the internet was for gaining info and thts what im doin!!!!!
  12. Any chance you could add a few vowels to your posts?

    Yes, you may find some stuff on the internet which will be worth reading but it probably won't be either comprehensive or sufficient to complete your essay. You would be better off going to your local military library and enlisting the help of the librarian to trawl through back issues of BAR, RUSI journal etc for the information you need.

    Now, I'm off back to my leather armchair to read the Telegraph, harumph occasionally and expire from high blood pressure.
  13. Are you able to write in a cohesive manner? Did you fail English Literature at school?

    PS punctuation does not extend to just ! & ?
  14. God help us all!!!! 8O
    I presume they are keeping you busy in a corner writing this so that you don't break anything? :wink:
    Ok..I'm gna help ya viv ya problem :lol:
    The shape of the essay- Three parts. First briefly write what it is that you are going to tell us, then write it, then briefly tell us what you have told us.
    Tell us briefly what assymetric warfare is.
    Then explain existing army doctrine and move on to discussing the impact of the new type of threat.
    So write the main body of the essay first, then you can do the beginning and the end of the essay from that.
    Sorted :D
    What the fukc is assymetric warfare?! :lol:
  15. Go on then prove it.
    Answer this simple question in proper English: What rank and gender are you?