Need Help - Internet Birthday card

I've never been too worried by forgetting the old lady's birthday, anniversary, mother's day and all that tat, as I can put it down to senility and the effects of this homebrew, and can later make it up with the usual sugar, but I'm now too late to send a card to my male DNA carrier who's 15 tomorrow. Problem is I'm a long way away and he's now bigger than me, and I don't want the next rotational leave to start with me spread on the tarmac at Aldergrove (the bugger wears size 14 shoes, for the sake of yer man.)

Anybody know of a good site for a suitable e-card?
why dont you make one in ms office and attach it to a email? quick, easy, simple and more importantly free :)
Good one, i'll give it a try. I know there's all sorts out there but there's bound to be a non-yahoo or -microsoft sickly spam site on the subject, and there might just be someone of a like mind here who's already been there.....

Glass up and rotate.....

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