need help from those in the know

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by evetta, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. ok,
    I have looked around in here for a while due to my partner being in the army and this seemed the logical place to post my question.
  2. Personally I would tell him straight away.

    He is probably feeling very fed-up at the moment and homesick and I think the news will both cheer him up and give him something to look forward to on his return.

    He left one person he loves and will return to two.

    You will, as the one who knows him best, do what your heart tells you!
  3. Tell him soon as you can, its best in the long run and is always a good ray of sun shine and something to look forward to in addition to coming home.
    All the best to you and good luck.

  4. Evetta, I'm not British, but here's how I would want it. I would like to be told when the time is right. Say, when he is on furlough for a day or two. He won't be as distracted then, and will be able to think more clearly, and have a clear dialogue with you then. I hope I could help.
  5. Thank you to those who have replied!
  6. It will keep his head down further and give him 2 good reasons for coming home safe and sound...................
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    congrats too
  8. BTW, congrats to you and your little one to be! That's an awesome event to cherish!
  9. Congratulations Evetta,

    Having a baby is a very personal and sensitive time for a young couple so the best thing to do to is tell everyone you possibly can and ask them when they think you should tell the father who is across the other side of the planet probebly logged onto ARRSE right now. It's a stroke of genius. Well done.
  10. Downes, is your surname Syndrome???


    Ignore this idiot. Congratulations!! If it were me, I would want to know as soon as possible. All the best!
  11. Go with your heart, Evetta, go with your heart!
  12. That's my point knob-cheese. She's asking everone else first! What do you suggest, a subtle mention on BFBS radio or a column in Soldier Magazine? (Anywhere that her partner is unlikey to look/hear.) P.S. Are you a dumb-ass blonde chick?
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