Need help from other forgeiners re: bank accounts

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by saffa762, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I popped into a couple banks to open a bank account and apparently unless I have a permanent address(ie. signed and valid lease/utility bill as proof of address) and 12 months left on my visa, they can't help me. I have neither at the moment and I'll be heading off to Catterick next month. How did you guys organise bank accounts before you got to basics? Or am I going to have to wait until I'm at Catterick and piss off the training staff, looking like a total admin mong while I run around and get it all sorted out using my forces details?

  2. As an 'old & bold' whilst going through basic, if an individual did not have a bank account one was opened for them. I believe it was any bank you wish, so long as it was Lloyds.........................however that was an eon ago!

    Have you considered such as Card One Banking ?
  3. I give all my overseas applicants a letter outlining their start date, address in UK, Visa/passport details etc and get them to go into the HSBC bank nearby to the ACIO. I had already been in and spoke with the staff there. There is NO WAY anyone will have a year on their VISA as most Country's only give 6 months max. Speak with your ACIO who SHOULD be able to help you. A lot of other banks have been swines, your best going in with your sponsor aswell who should have all those utility bills.
  4. Yep.......... And still with them 42 years later!
  5. In the Crabs it was Natwest Lincoln.
  6. Lincoln Brayford to be exact!
  7. It was mate,couldn't for the life of me remember which branch it was,cheers.
  8. Thanks! I'll speak to my recruiter about that letter when I'm up there on Wednesday.
  9. Its probably best to wait and pass selection mate before you go set up a bank account. You dont want to be deferred ( Worst case barred) and now have no need for the account.
  10. Please read what the OP wrote...he starts training next month at Catterick...otherwise I wouldn't of told him to speak to his own Recruiter for a letter (which we only issue to those who have a start date)
  11. Hasn't this been done before?
  12. I'm pretty sure the op only has ADSC on Monday. But I'm sure he will be on later to back my theory up.

  13. I'm just going off from his post on here
  14. No worries Iron, think the op means to say he hopes to start in Febuary.