Need help from fellow arrsers!!

Having recently split with my missus, she started seeing a bloke who I have now just had a run in with and I want to prove to her what a lying twa t he is!!

She started seeing this guy first of all a few months ago but it just fizzled away I think, then we started getting things back together again, she came away on holiday with me etc, but when we got back she said she didnt want to try again, blah blah blah. Anyway I thought this was a bit funny but then found out this guy was on the scene again however it didnt last more than a week apparently before he stopped phoning or texting. At that time my now ex asked me if I had got in contact with him and threatened him or such like, which hand on my heart I can say I did not.

She apparently saw him again on Saturday night and when she asked why he had not been in contact he said it was cos I told him to back off etc!! I then had a barrage of abuse from her calling me a liar etc etc. I've told her that I havent said fuck all and hat being accused of lying, so anyway I've asked to speak to this guy to have it out with him but if I do what questions can I ask him to prove that I am not lying or if there is any other way to prove I am not lying???

Any of your help would be greatly appreciated!!

If you have split up why bother proving anything as she will think what she wants.

Prove nothing, move on, live life to the full my friend.

Failing that go round and smack him she may come back to you if that's what yer after.
Well we are still really good friends etc and I hate being accused of being a liar, in my book there is nothing worse than a liar, it is something I am not. I just want to show him up to be the lying twa t that he is.
Just giggle at the thought of her with a lying twat, key her car, punch her ageing mother in her gut and rape her father.

Any children you may have together, scale Nelsons column with them in a bergan, cut thier throats at the top and apply thier blood to your face as if it were cam cream, before demanding an armour plated combine harvester as an escape vehicle.
Already thought of that but the fuel consumption on the Armour plated combine would be too high to make an effective getaway!!

How can I prove he is a lying t0sser??
Set him up with a tape recorder, act all nice and stuff and then ask nicely why he lied to yer missus and then ask him all the probing questions about commitment etc. A nice one would be get a girl to come on to him and tape the outcome. Failing that beat the crap out of him so he can never provide an erection again. LOL
Well I am going to phone him later with her permission, cos I dont have his number contrary to what she thinks. I will put it on loudspeaker but if he keeps denying it I need to find out a way to catch the cnut out!!
Have you tasted her from his penis?
Ronnie8781 said:
in my book there is nothing worse than a liar
there is a scaley in an armoured engr unit 8O 8O 8O 8O

seriously mate move on & give it up or it could all go horribly wrong.
'Tis true... time to move on.

But it's not him you need an admission from unless he's going to admit that he's trying to get out of the relationship.

If you can get her to tell you what you were supossed to have done/said (before asking the obvious questions)... you might get a hint that it was via phone and then you can turn to your phone records... "when" might help if you couldn't have done it... what clothes were you wearing when you met him... if that was the case (she knows your clothes)... but these are all long shots, but if you can get an Arrser to give you a hand who has been taught questioning technique... you might get better ones... the trick I believe is not to ask the questions you want the answers to but to let her/him speak and drop themselves in it.
Cheers BB thats really what I am looking for, is questions that I can use to push him to dropping himself in it!!
Mate, your theory is flawed, you're assuming that she thinks logically and rationally, ie; like a man, this simply isnt the way the female mind works.
If it suits her purpose to believe that you are lying, no amount of evidence or proof to the contrary will make an iota of difference.
I learnt this the hard way, and finally resolved to explain once and once only, she will either believe you or not.
It may seem unfair, but very few liars are good enough to get away with it for long, sooner or later he will say or do something that discredits his story, and show him up for the sh1t that he is.
Some insecure blokes can perceive a threat in the most innocuous events. If he's relayed that perception to your Ex, nothing on this planet will convince her that isn't reality. When a woman gets the "I think the Sun shines out of his bum" fixation for a bloke, logic goes on his hols and anything you say that is even remotely critical will be transformed into a protective cloak.

Advice is, for what it's worth; leave them both alone to avoid getting him the sympathy vote. Once she stops feeling the need to defend him and once he's just being himself, she will start to see the imperfections. If you have mutual friends/acquaintances, there is no harm in asking after her and giving the impression that you are satisfied with events and that, although you worry about her, you accept that "she knows best". It will get back to her and give her mind the chance to start comparing what she had with what she's got. Be patient and let things run their course. Don't expect a quick result: we are talking months, not weeks. Nobody said that psywar is stress free and instantaneous. With that in mind, start rebuilding your life and subtly advertise that fact. That too will get back to her and add some additional tension to her life. Remember, tension for a woman can be torture for her nearest and dearest.

I must stress, be patient and make it a game that gives you a buzz.

minister_doh_nut makes the point about the possibility of children. I would not advocate his solution but they would be a total embuggerence to your aims. The important thing then is not to make them collateral damage.
Passed-over_Loggie said:
minister_doh_nut makes the point about the possibility of children. I would not advocate his solution but they would be a total embuggerence to your aims. The important thing then is not to make them collateral damage.
How can they be collateral damage if they are lying at the bottom of Nelsons column with thier innards hanging out?

the word 'embuggerance' when in a sentence with children made me giggle
Don't be friends. Just move on.
Move on- easier said than done however i know i need to but just as a parting gift I want to prove myself as being innocent!!
Just to play devils advocate...I'd be wary of being lead a dance by your ex on this one. From my own experience, you could be getting set up by your ex, so tread carefully. My ex used to take great pleasure in winding me up and pointing me at some random person who had p*ssed her off. It culminated in me getting a police caution for common assault! Bide your time before you do anything, this bloke (lying, scumbag tosspot that he may be) could be totally innocent.
Ronnie8781 said:
Move on- easier said than done however i know i need to but just as a parting gift I want to prove myself as being innocent!!
why not just announce that you are gay??

Your parting gift should be a burning log balanced on her mums head.

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