Need help from ARRSE

Theres a new Poker Club opening up in the west end of London. They are giving away 5 opening night tickets.

For the lucky winners, the night will consist of a champagne reception and nibbles as well as paid entry into our first ever tournament at the club (a £50 freeze-out with a guaranteed £5000 prize pool) and a goodie bag to take home at the end of the night! And as if that wasn’t enough…to celebrate our grand opening we have also arranged plenty of other on the spot prizes to be given away throughout the night, as well as tournament entry bounties for knocking out a PKR Pro, a prize for the biggest bad beat and a mystery consolation award for the first unlucky player to be knocked out!

Can everybody please go to

Fox Poker Club | Facebook

scroll down till u see a comment from me Ben Lockyer

And then on my post click comment and put the following:

"I really want my friend to get 2 tickets to the opening night as he iis fab!”

By Sunday, the top 5 people who have the most comments saying that will win the tickets.

Please please please as many people as possible to do it.

EDIT: If it doesnt let you comment you need to like fox poker club first, which is at the top of that screen.
of course you can

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