Need help for a presentation !!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by clumpydump, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. I am due to give a presentation to the local recruiting staff on the TA Soldier Application process. I only know the basics and was wondering if anyone could guide step by step how a person gets from attending an open evening to becoming a trained TA Soldier. Also (hope I'm not asking to much here?) I'm after the same information for Officer.

    Many thanks.
  2. I'm slightly concerned that someone who doesn't understand the recruitment process is giving a presentation to people who should know all about it already.

    You aren't the person responsible for the One Army Recruiting website by any chance ?
  3. Up until this One Army Recruiting nonsence came about we had no reason to know the application process for TA, TA Officer or Regular Officer. It just was not taught at the wonderful Army School of Recruiting.

    All of the above have now been dropped onto our laps and we have to get our arse's in gear and learn. Hence the presentations.

    I was happy giving potential TA applicants the address and phone numbers of local units and seeing them on their way............ not the case now.
  4. This is all a bit surreal !

    Surely the whole idea of OAR was to put in place common processes that improved on the existing mish-mash. Hasn't anyone actually done anything ?

    Perhaps you should send for the free DVD and information pack !
  5. Get hold of the RASO or URWESO at one of your local TA units (you'll find him/her lurking at an RHQ usually).
  6. C-D

    I've sent you a PM
  7. The Army Recruiting School of Excellence (the unofficial name for ASR) doesn't do much by way of the TA - BUT OAR is not a nonsence and is also nothing new - There are 10 Brigade teams throughout the country that can offer help. Brigade Recruiting Advisory Teams.
  8. Is it just me that finds this post very concerning?

    If you are indeed 'responsible' for giving a presentation to 'local recruiting staff', then surely you should be a SME (Subject Matter Expert).

    If not then get a grown up to do it for you!

    You will find there will be someone who can assist at your local Brigade in the 'Brigade Recruiting Advisory Team'.

    I suggest this would be a far better route to take than getting a mixed set of answers off an internet site.

    "One Army Recruiting" - why should England tremble?

    Rant over

    Nishka :x