Need help flashing Chinese Android tablet

Have a cheapo Android tablet. Keeps on getting various errors such as 'Android server has stopped' etc. Does not seem to affect it too much as I only use it for forum browsing - it's irritating though and I'd like to restore it.

It's unsupported though so has no restore facility that I can comprehend. There's something on it called padupdate which has a choice of online or local. When I select online it "checks" for a few minutes and then says unknown error. The local update option points me to various memory locations where I suspect i'm supposed to have a downloaded ROM. I don't. The only ones I could find seemed to be on sites that install other stuff instead.
Model - Q8H
Android - 4.2.2
Kernel Version -3.4.39
Build number-polaris-eng 4.2.2 8089 20140106 test-keys

Can anyone help please?

This is not naafi you halfwits. Jarrod - use search function for threads to post crap on ;)


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smash it with a hammer then cleanse it with fire.
4shared is the site I have issue do I download from there?!! I end up clicking download and end up with a system check program or etc etc..
Since it's here anyhoo - supermatelot -it's a matter of selecting the download button to the left of the share button in the centre left of screen then free download and let it count down- you'll have to register with faceache, twitter or gmail for the free one - it should then kick off the download, at 480 MB it isn't small mind. I did have pretty pictures but the board will not let me upload telling me the contents do not match file extension - jpg is a jpg. PM me an email addy if you want the screen shots.

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