need help finding the TST and Barb please

I have received an email for my new password so I can now access my candidate portal but I still cant find the TST and ACT.

Could someone point me in the right direction for the Practice Technical Selection Test (TST) and the Barb Test which I think have now changed to ACT on the new website?

Thanks in advance.
These questions are answered in the sticky which I directed you to before.

The TST is roughly equivalent to GCSE maths. Take a look at the BBC bitesize website for some good help. For more details on the TST, check the sticky.

There is no practice for the ACT. When the system is fully up and running you will do a screener test at home which will give you a little practice and the real test will be done at the assessment centre. At the moment we just go straight to the real test at the assessment centre. For more info on the types of questions on the ACT, look at the link I sent you before.
BBC bitesize is shite in my opinion here is the breakdown of the TST

  1. Whole Number Division (2)
  2. Decimal Addition (1)
  3. Decimal Subtraction (1)
  4. Decimal Multiplication (2)
  5. Decimal Division (2)
  6. Fraction Addition (1)
  7. Fraction Subtraction (1)
  8. Fraction Multiplication (2)
  9. Fraction Division (2)
  10. Fraction Conversion (2)
  11. Metric Unit Conversion (2)
  12. Averages (2)
  13. Ratios (2)
  14. Proportion/Scale (2)
  15. Percentages (2)
  16. Arithmetic Progression (2)
  17. Standard Form (2)
  18. Significant Figures (2)
  19. Volume (1)
  20. Simultaneous Equations (3)
  21. Factorisation (3)
  22. Area (2)
  23. Angles (2)
  24. Transposition (1)
  25. Graphical Interpretation (2)
  26. Prefixes (2)
  27. Indices (4)
  28. Precedence (2)
Use this: Khan Academy videos and worksheets as you move on maths was never my strong suite and im a mong but practised hard here and smashed the TST
41, oh and btw i found it easier to navigate the site by just type: "Khan Academy Fraction Division"
"Khan Academy Decimal Subtraction" into google for example.

There is also a APP for this Khan Academy you can bookmark all the things i listed above and watch the videos and worksheets offline too very gucci

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