Need help deciding guys !

Right here is the situation at the moment . Iv done my RSW for the TA (6 rifles Gloucester) and then found out my rugby coach didnt do my reference and took ages about it . In the time i was waiting for the reference to go though and to be atested at my local TA center i started a Job in Mcdonalds and its rubbish ( only done 2 shifts) one night i was thinking about my choices and what i want to do with my life and basically i have two choices and i dont know which one to follow

Choice 1 - Stay in the TA follow it though and still have a civilian life as well as i am only 17 and would like to still go up town and "f*ck about a bit while i can and while at Mcdonalds (still look for another job because its sh*t) stay there and have the money but with my military choices stay in the TA and build my fitness and physical standards so that in a few years i can try out for the Parachute regiment and hopefully use the TA as a stepping stone to better things as it will also help me be ahead in the application process if i do go to the Paras when im older

Choice 2 - Pack it all in and join the Rifles regular now ! I have wanted to be in the army since i was about 6 and now i have been thinking about it alot and want to go regular , The only thing is that if i do go regular i want to challenge myself as much as i can so would like to go for the Paras as they are an elite regiment but there is not much difference from the rifles and if i did go with the Rifles i would most likely eventually do P company and the All arms commando course , which would pretty much make me elite anyway

I am completely stuck on what to do some days i want to do one some the other the only thing that makes me want to not go regular now is that i really want to be a Para i love it and have been fascinated by them and the regiment for years now , i know alot of people say why not the marines but it doesnt really appeal to me as much as i am not a confident swimmer and P company would be more up my street than what the marines do .
Its just a time now in my life where there are alot of choices and i dont know what route to go down haha any help would be much appriciated guys . cheers
I'd start off by putting your tin hat on straight away, possibly your fingers in your ears and prepare for a bit of effective fire coming your way.
If you had a spectacular civi job then I'd suggest going TA, however, you are working for McPlops.
Become a stab, get yourself on tour and put the two professions to good use, delivering a McDonalds across Afghan, in that way you'd be a ******* hero to everyone. There might be a few logistical issues involved, but as a potential para, well, anythings possible.
You could even become the first para to drop into a war zone for god knows how long doing this job.
You've got it all on a plate for you.
If you wanted to join the army since you were 6, how come you are now 17 but as yet not made your mind up what to do/ who to join? Most Corps/Regiments have been around for a few years now.

BTW I'll have fries with that, please.
Hmmmm lets see.

Being Johnny no stars at the local drive through and having to wear blue catering plasters all over your face and neck to cover the chronic acne caused by the day in day out transfat exposure, smelling like day old fast food no matter how much you wash while secretly praying for god to put an end to your suffering with a freak chunk of blue ice from the toilet of a passing easyjet flight to Majorca or...and think hard now as I know this is an edgy concept...get into the first Reg or Corps that will take you and get your self respect back.

You seriously have to ask or is this a wind up?
Yeah maybe i should of said anything bout Mcdonalds im not proud of it but its just money . My main question was whats the difference between the rifles and Parachute regiment ? if now the paras is just a name and there still just a infantry fighting force then i will just go for the Rifles tommorow but if not then ill stay in the TA get my fitness up and go Paras in a few months . and cheers for all the shit :neutral: haha
Oily, there is no difference. The Paras just think they're better.
Most have never even seen a Dakota.
That is all.

Yes I will go large, thank you.
Go for Para Reg now? Plenty of 17 of year olds have managed it in the past...

Join the Rifles because you WANT to. You may get a chance to do P coy or AACC (especially) but don't bet on it.

Join anyother capbadge you want to.

Do or do not, there is no try.
Or carry on as you are. In the TA, whilst looking for a better job/promotion in MaccyDs... you know they are supposed to be very good at bringing on managerial talent from the shop floor don't you?
Think ill stay in the TA as im getting attested this Tuesday , can learn alot of what i need to know now and build my strength and fitness up then go for the Paras in a few months and what i already learnt in the TA can help me stand out in Training for the Paras . Might as well stay at McDonalds as well free food , get paid , and barely actually have to work
Thats what i ment mate not like rock up to selection and be like oh yeah iv done this all before **** you lot but just like use it to help me out about as i will have some prior knowledge about what needs to be done

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