Need help - Coney Hill, Gloucester

I'm coming to the end of my 22yr and I'm looking at buying a property in Coney Hill, Gloucester. Some people you speak to just roll their eyes and go white even at the mention of the place but having looked around it a few times it isn't as bad as I would have thought. I've been posted/quartered in some amusing places but for the life of me I don't seem to be able to get a straight answer.

Is it that bad that I'll need to carry my own sand around so I don't get ass-raped? Already played the game with kids hanging around the house (marvellous Orange Order kids in Lisburn - gotta love em) so I could live with that but where the house is I don't think it will be a problem and having driven round there a few times I didn't see anything that made me twitch.

So as I said I need help:

What is the problem with Coney Hill, the Mong House is gone, reputations carry but is that it, a reputation.

Any advice good or bad appreciated but please remember I've done my 22 and now want out and need somewhere to live.

I don't suppose Coney hill is any better or any worse than other estates in the area. I lived further in the sticks where cousins were allowed to marry as it improved the gene pool but the no-go areas then were chiefly Barton Street and later the Tewkesbury Road.

My cousin saw a suitable property close to all amenities near to the Tewkesbury Road and finding no answers to his questions, asked old bill. A constable did say he'd rather stick pins in himself than live on or near the Tewkesbury Road. They bought a property close to Cheltenham, a newly developed area where the Chavs were still content (then) to just hang around street corners.

This did change as my cousin found out one night when his garden shed walked away all by itself.
Since they built the by-pass, the best thing to do is to give Gloucester as a whole (hole) a miss.
I currently live in Coney Hill and have done for a couple of years

We moved there as I think the housing is good Value for money, you get a massive house for comparitivly little money.

Its reputation leaves a lot to be desired, but a lot of that is legasy from when the Mental institute was there, but it hasn't been around for years.

It isn't the greatest place in the world, but by the same token, there is a lot worse. We have had no real problems so far and no theft, vandalism, assault or anything like that. The most we have had is kids hanging around, but you get that anywhere!

If you want to know more, or have more questions etc, PM me, more than happy to help!

Gloucester is a charming place to visit - except Long Levens RFC! However the emphasis is on visit, as in brief sojourn not extended stay. simple rule of thumb - If you don't have to live in Gloucester, then don't.
I'm originally from Kingsholm and my advice would be if you can afford to buy in Cheltenham, do it. Give Gloucester a miss, cos it's shi t.

PS- Coney Hill isn't that bad, but it does carry the rep from when the nuthouse was there.

Also you have a very busy Crematorium nearby, so check out the parking because the overspill often ends up on the resident streets. (Of cars, not burnt bodies btw)
As previous mentioned my cousin bought a property in Up Hatherley near Cheltenham and it's the dog's dangly bits as far as he's concerned.

Though he would still like his shed back please.


mistersoft said:
As previous mentioned my cousin bought a property in Up Hatherley near Cheltenham and it's the dog's dangly bits as far as he's concerned.

Though he would still like his shed back please.
Can second that, my folks have lived there for 35 years.
Lots of good property at the Cheltenham end of the A40, much better rep and investment than Glos.
Though I will chip in and say that 5 billion is being invested in gloucester over the next 7 years or so and thus should prove to be a good investment as that coupled witht he proposed new parkway station will make it much better!


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