Need help choosing Regiment - by Monday!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Joshd1982, May 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have finally passed ADSC and I have the weekend to make my decision on what regiment I want to join.

    I wanted to join the Parachute regiment initially, but I messed up on the run - missed by a few seconds!

    The choices for me are Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards or PWRR . Ill be 30 by the time I start training so I want to get it right

    Would like some opinions and have a few questions:

    A couple of people (serving soldiers) have said to go Coldstream over Grenadiers as they are less pedantic?

    Quite a few posts on this forum refer to Guards having 'a lot of Bullsh*t'... What exactly is the BS?

    Which unit is most likely to go to Afghanistan before 2014?

    Also, I intent to be a lot fitter when I start basic. The Officer on ADSC told me I can try for Guards para platoon if I still want to do P company etc. I've also been told that its possible to get pinged to the parachute regiment during basic training. Are either of these realistic? (Assuming fitness isn't a problem then)

    I have looked through quite a few threads, I know some of this will have been covered to some extent but I have to make this decision this weekend and would appreciate some input.

    Thanks for reading
  2. A lot of people say the Guards is bullshit like the Gren's polishing the capbadge 3 times a day. Most of the Guards & Household Cavalry bullshit tends to be over traditions and old way, some other regiments tend to do stupid things like 1 RHA polishing the guns on their AS90's in Bosnia for no reason and it wasn't even practical.

    I say Gren's or Coldstreamers, but I'm ex Guards, so I would, someone from the PWRR might be along to stick up for their own regiment and that's quite fair.

    There is a point about the Guards para platoon. But where do you live? Gren's are usually Midlands and the North west, Coldstreamers are South and the North East (Cumbria tends to be Jock Guards). I don't know where the PWRR recruit from, Wales? but you're best going to a regiment that has lads local to you.

    So I say - If the PWRR aren't local to you're area, or you've had no family in them, it's Guards - which one is on your area. If you are gutted that you missed the Para's, then Guards to try for the Para platoon.

    If you're not fussy you missed the Para's and the PWRR are local to you, go for them.

    Hope that helps a bit and good luck.

    P.s. Bullshit tends to be refered to as things like Public duties - They can be hard work, but you live in London, best place on the piss and you'll always have some of the best photos to look back on the army has to offer
  3. Thanks for the response.

    I am from Surrey so PWRR is my county regiment. I'm near london so I'm told that I can go for either Guards regiment.

    I was gutted I didn't make the Para run time, especially as it was my own fault I didn't train as I know I should have.

    I like the idea of taking part in ceremonial duties, the only thing I think sounds horrible is the sentry part. How long are they there for?!

    I guess I wanted to go for something with a bit more prestige, so to speak.
  4. the Micks, highly professional and not up their arses
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  5. If you want prestige go Rifles.
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  6. Go Rifles.
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  7. The Micks are from Liverpool! I think sentries are for 2 hour slots. Crow_Bag from the Gren's so he'll be able to give more info on that side. If you want Pomp and pride - Probably Coldstreamers in your neck of the woods? Public duties aren't that bad, plus they can give some relief from tours and excersise. I don't know how the Foot Guards work it, I think the Battalions do 6 month stints, you'll always find funny ways to pass the time!
    It's been 11 years since left, but in HCR (Household Cavalry's armoured side) you would get support from the regiment to pass P company, training programmes from the barracks PTI. It might be different with the Guards independant parachute company, as they are losing men, but I doubt it. Only looks better on the Trooping of the Colour (very good day to do) when half of a companies men have wings and a rack of gongs!
    Oh, on bullshit again - biggest load of crap I've seen - The RSM at Keogh barracks in 96 (Welsh guy) making platoon's of Sgt's march round in a squad. He said "The two ways around this camp are, you can run, or you can march". Guards is more about apperance and personal behaviour, I would say that they can make a gentleman of you! But everyone is naughty now and again!
  8. Go Rifles, become a soldier.
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  9. Toss a coin.
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  10. Go on, join the QAs, you know it makes sense.
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  11. As an aside, worth seeing which offers useful trade quals for use after military service. Some trades the army can offer will have civilian firms biting your arm off when you leave.

    Guards will carry a certain cachet later on.
  12. Some Micks are from Liverpool not all some are from the South of Ireland others from the North but they are all Micks.
  13. Cheers for all replies.

    I'm told by my recruiter that I have to go for PWRR as they are my county regiment.

    Giving serious consideration to just flipping a coin now.

    Are there any major differences, day to day, between the Guards regiments?
  14. If it’s a tour in Afghan you want you better get in quick, Now NATO have announced that combat ops are to end in mid 2013 (Rather than the end of 2014) this only leaves Herrick 17 and Herrick 18 (half tour). As far as I’m aware the Grenadiers are out there now (H 16) so this counts them out. I’d look on the regimental web sites for updates on what the PWRR and Coldstream Guards are doing.
  15. Royal Engineers the only one to join. Get a trade.