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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Skinn_Full, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Alright lads, where do I start. Applied to join the Army 5 months ago, passed all interviews, refrences, BARB etc. Passed ADSC in August ,allocated a place at Catterick for October. All hunky-dory, however...being an Irishman living in England and my whole family living back home, I was required to fill out a CTC form to make sure there were no 'armalites in the closet' as it were, (there arent) My intake date is fast approaching and the bas*ard CTC forms still haven't come back!! :x I can't have a waiver so that I can start training, for whatever reason? The forms were sent off four and a half months ago!!!! Its been an absoloute nightmare of a mission to get this far and it now seems i'm about to falter at the last hurdle. What in the name of Christ am I supposed to do now? The nest intake isn't till January? If anyone has ANY experience of this CTC process or any relevant input i would be very eager to hear what you have to say. Cheers All.
  2. Your name isn't Mark Knopfler is it?
  3. Got there before me ba****d!


    just thought if peter mandellson and tony blair and saddam and mr knopfler formed a band it could be called Sultans of Swing lol
  4. Yeh, I knew the Dire Straits band gag would get a run out somewhere. I was gonna put a little bit up at the start saying "Im not in the band so f*uck off" but I couldn't be ARRSED!
  5. Are you the sultan of swing?!
  6. Woah Come on fellas. This bloke may one day be one of our "Brothers in Arms". If you have to wait til jan your just gona have to. I know it seems "so far away" But i'm sure the people checking your papers don't earn their "Money for nothing" So "Why Worry" soon you'll be taking your "Ride across the river".

    Patience is a skill you will pick up on the "Walk of Life"
  7. No, Im not, you probably need a form to be cleared for that aswell.
  8. Did i see you walk down the "telegraph road" or do i need to carry out some "private investigations".
  9. Any relevant info would be much obliged. To close to the zero hour for my liking, to be f*cking around now. Dire Straits are before my time anyway. :roll:
  10. Well thats you fault for not saying

    "Help, I'm in S club 7"
  11. You're not carrying a "six blade knife" , are you?
  12. Skinn_full don't worry those things can take days to clear or they can take months , but it wont take a year.
    If you dont get in at the 22nd than enjoy christmass with you family and train hard that you will be ready in Jan .
    Goodluck with CTC i know what you are going thru just keep going and it can even turn up tomorro.
    Are you joining the Royal Irish regiment (1st battalion)
  13. Yes im due to join 1 R Irish and start at Catterick on the 22nd, Ive been allocated my place but obviously cant enlist etc till its clear! If I train anymore ill explode!!. In all honesty i've waited far too long already. I just want them to sort it out asap.
  14. Well done you numtie you have just told some really unpleasant people when you are travelling and when you arrive.

    When you do arrive ask the DS what OPSEC means.


    Paranoid, yes but it has saved my life far too many times.
  15. Go have a shave and a bath , and stop talking thru your ahole amidillo