Need Help and Advice desperatly!

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Livelife2begreen, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. ok, so here goes, i am based in Germany and my wive, who was going through some pretty bad times, commited a petty theft crime Oct '11 and stole make-up from one of the stores 'Markhauf'. She had a phonecall today from the German Police to say that her case was getting handed over to the RMP's to deal with, as you can imagine she is worried, on her behalf, stupidity aside I am after a bit of advice with regards with what could happen to her.?
    I am not in no way condoning what she done, but i would appreciate serious answers and help, as this has been eating her alive for the past 4 months and the guilt has been a bit too much for her, and she has certainly learned her lesson.
    So if anyone would be kind enough to try and assist in any way possible with the following them i would greatly appreciate it.
    1. what could happen to her- she was obviously caught in Markhauf, GCP's were involved and came to the store to spk with her, she got fined 50euro which she paid there and then. (i know, it would have been cheaper to buy the make-up!!)
    she got sent home and told that they would be in touch with a letter from GCP's to confirm what her punnishment will be ie fine/community work.
    Like I said, she recieved a phonecall today stating the case was given to the RMP's as it was their Duristiction.
    Can she be arrested by them- even though the GCP's let her go?
    Will the RMP's inform her workplace of this incident- or have they got a confidentiality act they need to follow?
    Will I get dragged in and my career be brought into disrepute?

    thank you.
  2. oh..and the cow keeps smoking my Fags!!!
  3. RMP to a civvie have no jurisdiction!
  4. Warn your hierarchy off if you haven't already, speak to the padre, they have clout and for legal advice there's always army legal aid in Bielefeld and it's free.
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  5. It's been passed to RMP so that they can jail you for having a thoroughly distasteful wife.

    Honestly though, and this is going by law in England/Wales so may be useless, but if she has paid a fine at the store surely the offence has been disposed of?

    Failing that, I'd imagine CoC would be the first people I'd have a chat with.
  6. Not true for the dependents of soldiers in Germany.
  7. Army legal aid may indeed be free ......................but there's a reason for that.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hang loose. Stay cool. Admit nothing. Talk to a man nobody likes who doesn't smile much.

    Dunno. But your spelling will probably **** your career big style.
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I haven't served in BFG for almost 20 years, but, if it's a first offence, a one-off and not part of a bigger picture, I'd say you're both over-reacting. That doesn't mean the RMP won't leave you to stew a while in your own juices (which appears to be working).

    Make sure your boss knows.

  10. I think the fine she paid at the store was to compensate them for the goods that she stole as Markhauf are not allowed to put them back on the shelf
  11. Ask her if she can get me an ipad.
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  12. Relax. From what you say, first offence, fine paid and the polizei don't want to know then unless things have changed over the last 20 years, the RMP will will hand it over to your CO. Wifey will be marched in with you and given an earwigging and, worst case, you'll get a few day's loss of pay.

    Oh, and if you can train her up to convincingly burst in to tears in front of the CO, so much the better.:)
  13. As someone else has already said, I suggest both of you go to see the Chaplain of your unit.
  14. This one is the one I'd go for as the best advice if I were you.
    It won't **** your career. So don't worry.
    Also this'd be the worst case scenario so try to stop freaking out and asking for the advice of strangers on the interweb!
  15. I forgot to mention I am currently in Canada on a 4 month tour.