Need help about knee injury !!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by watto135, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. end of july last year had bad injury playing football
    dislocated knee cap, partially torn medial ligement full rupture of anterior ligement, & 2 hairline fractures of the tibua

    had a arthaoscopy & knee quite stable but get loads of shooting pains in it so doctor gonna repair the anterior ligement using the patela tendon

    I am in the TA been there for 12 years (Now Royal Signals) how is this gonna effect me will i get back to physical fitness etc any help gratefully appreciated

  2. Sigs you say?
    As lon :headbang: g as you can get the zip down on yer doss bag and don't spill your coffee you will be fine
  3. Be very wary. I had something like this. Section attack in training me carrying GPMG. Did our REEF. Dived to the ground but slipped and caught a half end brick under my kneecap, it lifted the kneecap. Of course I favoured the other leg and ended up twisting the other knee. Four mile run back later just about finished the job. I was on crutches for a month and it wrecked my TA career for reasons I won't elaborate on.
    Anyway. Rest, lots of good physio (not that MicroTENS nonsense) try swimming or perhaps cycling to build it up without impacting it and avoid surgery if you possibly can. Mine came back together but it took a while. Stay away from the TAC until you're properly fit.

    Best of luck.
  4. Do not do any phys on it after surgery, I started doing Phys too soon and its still buggered.

    Become a slob for a few months, and work harder once you are sure you can cope. Starting too early saw me back in the physios every second weel.
  6. Just to echo what bob_lawlaw and others have said... get advice from a good physio and stick to it!

    I popped my kneecap off a couple of years back, fortunately not too serious (although having my BSM poke it every couple of minutes "to see if it still hurt" didn't exactly help.)

    I thought I knew what would be good for it and was about to start cycling and swimming and all that. Thankfully I got jumped on by a rather good physio before I managed to screw things up royally. She had me doing all sorts of dodgy looking things with large rubber bands and all.

    Felt like a pillock doing it but the bloody things worked, 7 months later was at the Factory getting politely motivated by friendly CSgts and had no problems since.
  7. I was meaning when you're fit enough to start training after having physio i.e. don't start out training again by running. I probably didn't put it very clearly so thanks for that Bob.
  9. Watto135, If you don't mind me asking is it an ACL Reconstruction that you're going for this time?