Need for groin armor for UK troops?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Interesting piece on groin armor--reports I have gotten from friends in Iraq and Afghanistan indicate this armor is highly regarded by US troops in the right settings. There is always the problem of striking the right balance between protection and the ability to move and stay cool.

  2. JJH:

    I read that article with my legs crossed. It would seem that something could and should be provided. Much as I am concerned about Obama spending my money like a drunken sailor (with apologies to any drunken sailors reading this) I would not mind a bit if he spent a few dollars to provide the US plates to our British brothers.

    By the way, on the same page as you linked to there is a link to an article about the British medics who operate the morgue. Morgue link A very difficult emotionally draining job for which they get an extra two pounds a day. Two pounds!! You could not pay me enough to compensate me for that. I sometimes deal with sudden death in my job but I have never gotten used to children. The day a dead kid does not bother me is the day I head to the retirement office and turn in the papers!

    Staff Sgts Andy Nutt and Tom Brennan of he Helmand Morgue; if you read this, all the respect in the world for you for the job you do.
  3. Given the clear effect this additional kit has on saving troops, we should just crate up what is needed for all troops in theater regardless of nationality--there are not that many for goodness sake--and do the right thing. Sort the cost out later if at all.

    I also agree on kudos to the morgue personnel--we have a Marine reserve mortuary affairs unit here in GA that does that work--it takes its toll on them too.
  4. The Aussie army issues groin protectors, not hard kevlar, just the same stuff the main body is made of. They are a pain to wear and really restrict mobility. I would not reccomend them, the loss of mobility outweighs the benefit they offer.
    As the TFH bloke said, the additional groin wounds could be attributed to other factors than not having the plates.

    I've used both UK and Aus body armour on ops and prefer the UK stuff with the smaller plates.

    Then again, I'm a stinking fitter so what would I know?
  5. I've seen the yanks cutting around with the 'nads' flap. Cant say i'd be happy with the extra 'dangly' bit covering my meat and two veg, its just got potential for some twat to kick it for maximum pain to the goolies.
  6. My bold.

    I agree. I read a book recently (Danger Close - Col Stuart Tootal, former CO 3 Para Batlegroup) that spoke of Para Reg on Herrick in 2006.

    Some of there Ops were conducted with no body armour and it was seemingly favoured by a lot of the blokes. The arguement as I interprited it, is that mobility and the need to cover ground fast can sometimes offer more protection than the cumbersome body armour itself.
  7. Poke more armour up its fucking arse. We carry enough shite.
  8. If it was a major problem, then something the size of a cricket box made of kevlar, wouldn't weight that much and wouldn't get in the way either
  9. Anybody got a phone number for Troy Hurtubise?
  10. But where does it end? What next? In a few years everyone will be on patrol looking like ATO. It's fucking bollocks (literally!). :)
  11. Either that or a Warrior each :wink:
  12. Doing a forward assist in this little lot could prove problematic.... :roll: :wink:

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  13. As someone who owns a company that manufactures body armour, do you mind if I chip in? (Am going to anyway lol)

    Personally, I am not too sure about the operational effectiveness of Groin Protection. If you have it, it’s only going to be in NIJ IIA, and will really only be any use against Frag and small arms fire.

    It’s a real pain in the arse (groin) to wear and can rub on the upper (mid) thighs.

    The interesting side of it is the blunt trauma side of things. I have seen some tests that would in if replicated in combat make the user suffer all sorts of nasty internal trauma and shattered leg bones. I guess you have to weigh up the lack of movement for running etc. to the protection the armour provides.
  14. There are soldiers who post on here who want to be wrapped up in cotton wool when in theatre. Probably the same ones who leave Bastion once every 2 months on a Logistics Patrol. It's fine for them wearing as much body armour as they can physically fit on themselves. It's not so fine for the poor fcukers who have to patrol in the green zone on a daily basis.
  15. Collars are avialible but how many people wear them?

    I think that because the US collar is a lower profile it is more comfortable to wear. ISTR that it was mandatory on topcover and about as popular as genital warts despite the protection it gave.

    Groin plates? As Fallschirmjäger points out, you have enough kit to lug around. Should it be offered? Perhaps. Those doing less ´physical´stuff could be cleared to wear it should they wish.