Need for a real Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by waffen, Jul 7, 2013.

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  1. I think the long term plan is for us to start winning wars again, we seem do that with territorials and reservists, the regulars haven't proved themselves overly capable of doing it on their own.
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  2. By my calculations the proposed size of the armed forces post-2020 will leave us with a smaller number than those global heavyweights Austria and Malaysia.

    The days of us being able to punch above our weight are gone.
  3. And when were we last a 'global power'?

    Should we count our glorious victory over the West Side Boys as proof of our continuing magnificence into the 21st century?

    Some people who should know far better seem to be making the simplistic connection that having a capability to send a small military force to far off shores equates to global powerhood. Utter nonsense!

    The UK is now a economically and socially deprived/depraved rock sitting off the NW European mainland. The UK needs to put its own house in order before it spends lavishly on trying to put others' houses in order.
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  4. Who really wants to be a 'global power' if it means more shit tours in places like Afghanistan. No thanks.
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  5. Anyone writing an article with the phrase 'in my day' should be treated with caution.
    Its all very well wanting a proper army, but the huge costs attachedto the regulars pay bill, the increasing cost of equipment and the lack of desire by politicians to deploy troops on prlonged ops in future will nean it remains a pipe dream.

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  6. Ex Captain Baron needs to have a reality check methinks.
  7. John Baron is Conservative MP for Basildon and Billericay and a former captain in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
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  8. Agreed. Global powers can do things by themselves. We wouldn't have been able to.
  9. How so?
  10. Play the ball not the man!

    His personal inadequacies have nothing to do with his lack of intellectual thought and inability to grasp military-political realities.
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  11. Yes the TA is so much cheaper: hence the LCpl who is about to deploy getting paid £400 a day cos that is his daily rate when not in uniform.

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  12. Nothing quite like these topics to stir the public displays of OTT self flagellation...

    My own 2 pence worth- The UK would stand a much better chance of defining it's true role on the global scale if our leaders re-balanced our nations primary necessities, responsibilities and expectations. Once they've grasped that, only then can we even begin to have a sensible discussion on exactly what we need to remain capable at it. Since our (relatively respectable) retreat from Empire it's no secret that the UK has struggled to find a comfortable position in the world order. At the minute we seem to be some sort of part time "global power lite" impostor.
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  13. Global Power requires real cash.

    What we have ended up with is taking a small amount of risk and having an Army structured at 110k with 30K of on R9
  14. Sooner or later the UK is going to be ousted from our seat on the UN Security Council. There's no way that a country with Armed Forces that are below the world's top 20 in size deserves to be there.