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Need Copy of Pamphlet 20


I have just been spamed at last min (Shock horror) to run some competition shoots on Monday morning.

But the training wing is closed till Monday so can't get a copy of Pam 20.

So does anybody have a electronic copy they can email me Please???

Thanks in advance


I've got it and wil attempt to attach it to a PM. If it doesn't work tell me which Matches you require and I will send those extracts.
:D Cheers will check my PM and get back to you.

If not try sending to my email address (Sent Via PM)
From my PM

"For some reason I cannot see how to attach Pam 20 to a PM. I started a thread on this once before and someone provided a link to the Electronic Battlebox. If you can get access to a works machine then you can use that.

Which shoots are you running? If they are ETR shoots then just use the EASI module."

I am unable to acces DII so no go on that.

The shoots I am doing are as follows:

1. Pistol Match 11. (Stage 1 practice 1 - 4)
2. Match 4 The Association Cup (Gallery)
3. Match 8 The Army Hundred Cup (Gallery)

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