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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mathewh95, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Hey, im literally at breaking point looking for a job in the army. I have 215 ucas points and am going to sit my barb test soon, im looking for a job that has alot of action as well as qualification and experience i can gain and use in a career in civilian life.

    I have CONSIDERED, tank commander, as this will give me experience in management of workload and people as well as giving me some action.

    Combat assault engineer, as this gives engineering qualifications/expierence and action.

    Artillary armoured gunner as this seems to allow me to achieve many qualifications.

    Which job from these or any other suggestions is best for me? I dont fancy sitting around fixing things all day or sitting at a comuter, but i want to be safe with a career after i leave the army.
  2. As far as i'm aware, you've got the grades to apply as an officer. Talk to your ACIO recruiter.
  3. I have applied for officer, but am doing 4 years threw the ranks first for more expeirence as I dont have a degree and am 17.
  4. Comms is the future according to my careers advisor. Management quals are achieved as you climb the ladder anyway, best people to ask are the lovely folks at your ACIO.
  5. Although sadly, not even a rudimentary grasp of basic English; which would normally be a pre-requisite for officer selection.

  6. I'd speak to your Carer/buy a Dictionary, before you do anything else.

    This may help?

    English mothafucka', do you speak it?! - YouTube
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  7. I think all the action is going to be drying up very soon indeed. Soon as we pull out of Afghan, you'll be lucky to get shot at for the next 10 years!
  8. Maybe things have changed, but long ago, you could not join as a tank commander, you had to be qualified in all the skills of the crew, driver, gunner, radio op etc.

    Out of interest how many civilian tank commanders, combat assault engineers, artillery gunners, do you know.

    Oh and its not threw, its through.
  9. Why are you letting not having a degree get in the way of being an officer? Its not compulsary as i think only 80% of officers have a degree, the only requirements are 180 UCAS and 5 gcse's A-C. Having said that, each to their own, my UCAS points enable me to apply as an officer but having looked at boths way into the army and different options avaliable starting at the bottom jumps out at me more. How about the Intelligence Corps? RMP?

  10. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahaha...

    ...wait... you're serious?
  11. But answering the guys question, would it not offer 'alot of action' and give you qualifications when you enter civilian life?
  12. ''Sitting around fixing things all day''. If thats all you think the RE and the REME do then you need to get your head screwed on right and go look in a book before spouting off stupid statements like that.
  13. Just to point out that joining the Royal Artillery, you join as a gunner and are placed wherever the Army decides it needs you - you cannot apply for a specific role within the regiment - This is what my ACO told me hen enquiring about the odds of working with the AS90.
  14. This is some sort of joke, am I correct?

    Your 3 top choices wouldn't exactly have civvie employers clammouring for your services.
    But hey, why start at the bottom anyway? I'm pretty sure the Chief of General staff appointment could be vacant shortly, wanna start there?