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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by applesalvage, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. hi i specialize in buying salvage cars i recently saw a rechtslenker unfallwagen on ebay the car is based in Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany the seller is german now i have brought salvage cars in the past from germany via people who are based in the uk my problem is this seller claims he brought the car from a police auction in germany the only papers he has is the reciept of sale he has no d registration certificate he does not know the reg only knows the chassis number which is WOL0SDL08B6090800 any help would be app
  2. rechtslenker unfallwagen is "right hand drive damaged car"

    What is it exactly you want to know?
  3. can i import car with no papers and re register it in the uk also can i do checks in germany to see if it is stolen before i buy
  4. how do you know its recorded ?
  5. You mean you're not going to tell anyone it's been in a front-ender?
  6. if its a right hand drive it will be on the insurance companys system some place, they do communicate across borders
    might even be a british person on holiday or service personnel
    if it was repairable they wouldhave brought it back here surely ?
    LJ11 BAA is a brit car so it will be on a british insurers database
    wont be easy to get it back on the road
  7. always state cars of been in accidents do you have any infromation oryou was assuming it was cat c from the damage
  8. Yep, and if so, it'll have a VIC marker, which, until removed, means you can't get a V5C for it until they (doovla) inspect it.

    In addition to the accident damage, it appears to have been damaged in transit.

    I can't believe that thing is economically repairable, and as parts is worth nowt. Assuming the engine is undamaged, a 1.2 Weakotec is worth nothing much, and the rest of it is frag fodder IMHO.
  9. no mate they normal dont i have brought a couple but becuase my german is poor cant seem to locate them are you in germany ?
  10. Glad to hear you are honest, and, yes, that looks like a CAT C to me. I have a sideline in used cars, and while I've never bought a smacked motor, I've bought a few repaired CAT C's, and they're worth less money.
  11. what do you mean by imho why i was a bit worried because he stated he has no papers prob break down in communication
  12. if it was worth repairing it would have been pulled back to the Uk and fixed
    probably other damage not shown in the pictures
    a mate bought a motorcycle light frontal damage of one of these specialist
    yeh right
    fractured crankcase as well, engine had been running upside down for a few seconds so the motor was rattling like a diesel he paid 3 grand for it
    real value 400 quid
    modern motor cars are so easy to repair, if they aint repaired theres a reason
    a good powerwash can often hide other signs like water in the engine normally a clue is laods of mud all over it
    the airbags alone will add to the cost
    I dont think they are that pricey new a mate just bought a brand new one after his old car was wrecked
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  13. IMHO means "In My Honest Opinion".
  14. if it is unrecorded it is worth some money i watch a straight one sell last week on ebay for 9 grand if i had a good working knowledge of the area and could speak fleunt german i prob would be suspect if i had the reg it would tell a better story the reason the guy didnt bring it too uk is because he is a german