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Ok so firstly, sorry if I seem like i know nothing. I'm just trying to get some advice so i can achieve the highest grade and get into the Army. Also, some of you are going to tell me to "Search" but believe me, I have and i haven't found that much Information so this is why i'm writing this -

(I'm hoping to join the Infantry, PWRR, just incase you want to know)

I've just passed my Pre-ADSC with a run time of 9:37 (which i can improve), my next step now is to have my Recruiter & Confirmatory interview. My recruiter said i'll (possibly) be having these both on the same day.
I'm going to wear a suit to the interviews to give a good impression but i need some advice on what to revise for the interviews, What sort of questions will they ask? I've heard they'll ask me my three job choices (Do i need 3 job choices? im completely set on the infantry) I've heard they also ask me where i'll do ADSC (not sure), where's phase 1 (pirbright?) and also ask me where the regiment i want to join is based and a bit of info on them?

As you can see, I have quite a few questions to be answered. I basically just want to know what to expect in the interviews and be able to answer any question thrown at me.

All advice/tips is really appreciated, Thanks!
If its the infantry you want, then I can't see you not getting a choice.
However be aware Recruiting Dudes have quotas to fill, so if they start talking about the drop shots (Artilery) for instance, then don't be shy at reminding him/her were your heart lies.
In your 2nd interview there ask you about the sports you do,how you stat fitt,tell you what you can improve from pre selection,wht you do in your spare time,how you will adapt into military life,if youve had any experience in being away from home, ask if you knew what TACO is, also what CDRILS is, things like that and in the 3rd interview he will ask you basicly the same as interview 2 but he will tell you about ADSC and any look at life courses you can do, mine was more of a chat.
Look, the infantry has been taking blokes who can't read, carry all their possessions in a carrier bag and don't know how to clean their teeth for decades. Just turn up and do your best.
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