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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ChallyII, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. awryt im a young soldier just finished my phase 2 I was doing satisfied soldier this week but got told to piss off home today because i didnt have any PT kit with me, the reason I post this is because does this mean the AFCO took it to far, or am I getting a ballocking when I tip up at my regiment on Sunday???????????
  2. Your fooooked !
    One way National Express coach to Dover, quick channel trip and into the Foreign Legion with you, you dirty PT dodging crooooooow ! :D
  3. Nah I did have it packed I had just forgot it
  4. It's a joke misery guts !
    Chances are someone will have a word when you tip up, if they do, bite the bullet, nod in the right places and try not to forget anything again there will always be someone who jumps on your back, if nowt is said keep your head down, simples ! :) (Naughty little PT dodger!!) :D
  5. ring your unit and tell them that you tipped up there in uniform but didnt have your PT kit ON YOU AT THE TIME so they RTU'd you. make it sound like they are a bunch of c*nts and f*cked you off for something trivial. if you CSM/SSM thinks your not lying then he will phone the place and get you back there with a second chance or tell you to go back to your unit with nothing further said.

    if he doesnt buy it or you get caught out for lying then you should follow Reni's advice!
  6. Staying quite sounds like a plan I like that one the only thing is I dont want to look like a knob first day at reg

    PS should I turn up tomorrow because they just said wait out for a phone call????
  7. Phone first thing in the morning just to see whats happening mate, cover your back so to speak, and remember all your kit ! When you tip up at camp you'll be told to read 'orders' every night when you sack it, it is a bit of paper with all the next days events on it, read it then prep your kit and stick it at the end of your bed before you go on the lash that way you dont balls it up ! I got bounced and bounced again when I was 17 for deploying on exercise without a few bits of extra kit that had been added to the kit list ! :D
  8. Awlryt cool thanks alot