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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Josh.E, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi my names Josh and I'm 16.

    I really want to join in two years time when my course is finished. (my course is BTEC National diploma in electronics, basically equivalent to 3 a levels)

    Here's some history lol... I applied for junior entrya couple of months ago and got deferred for having braces.

    I thought back then that I could work my way up from NCO to a full commisioned officer but now i want to go straight for officer training.

    My question is what are my odds for getting in becuase I know officer selection is a lot more selective, but am I on a wild goose chase kinda thing here.

    In my GCSEs i got 3 A*s, 3 As and 4 Bs and my 1.5 mile run time is 9 mins 50, and feel free to ask me more questions.

    Thanks, Josh
  2. Have you tried contacting you local (or school based) Army careers advisor? It should be the first step. Your GCSE's are fine, unsure about the BTEC, yet again ask your ACA(officers).

    The selection for Army Officers is called the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) and there's a rather long thread on here about it.

    All the information you need to know about is either on the army website or available to your ACA(O). However, if you are considered a leading student ask specifically about the sixth form scholarship. Took a bit of digging for me to find about it (back in 05 8O ) but it's set me on an excellent path.
  3. I've been to my recruiter but he didn't really tend to answer me directly.

    I'll definatly have a look at that thread.

    What stage of application are you?
  4. Didn't tend to answer you directly? I'm not entirely sure what to make of that, I'll let others on here with more experience comment.

    As for me, check your PM's in about 5 mins.
  5. Unfortunatly for you the lower age limit for Officers is 17yrs 9 months, but TBH It would take an exceptional candidate to be accepted at that age. If I was you I would definatly look into futher and higher education (With possibilities for sponsership). when you are old enough, join the T.A. it will provide you with a good insight ino the army (as well as a few beer tokens). And whatever you do, good luck.
  6. Josh, you've got plenty of time to get into the army. Enjoy your life and freedom for a while first.

    If you enter as an officer too young, then you're going to be depriving yourself of a lot of experiences that the army can't offer. But more importantly, how do you honestly think a 35yr old sgt is going to view you? How are you going to command respect or authority if you're barely shaving and have no experience of life? What are you going to say to the 24yr old soldier who is up to his eyeballs in debt and is having trouble in his marriage?

    Personally i think nowadays the amount of officer's joining below 20 years old has dropped massively, and with good reason. It's not a job for a young squire who has bought his comission, it's one hell of a challenge for a well rounded mature(ish) young man.
  7. Josh

    I don't know how much you have been told about officer recruitment, however at the risk telling you what you already know, the main hurdle you have to get over is the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB), take a look at the very extensive thread.

    This is composed of two parts a briefing and a main board, to even get to the briefing you will need to be sponsored or recommended. To gain sponsorship you will need to convince someone that you are a worthy candidate and the reality is with your current level of education and life experience this is unlikely.

    My strongest advice would be to head for University, not only for the educational value but also for the opportunities to expand your horizons. Consider the University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) and or a TA unit, both of which could recommend and prepare you for AOSB, alternatively seek a unit through the schools liaison officer.

    Either way don't rush your fences; time is on your side, there is more to the process than simply deciding you want to be an officer and you may want to consider your motivation for being an officer as you will be asked this at some point.

    You also need to bear in mind that AOSB is a stern assessment and test of your character and is quite unforgiving, with good reason. An early and poorly prepared attempt at AOSB could lead to outright failure with no second chance.