Need advise on joining Air Dispatcher Regular & TA

Discussion in 'RLC' started by 2011PT, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. Sitting the BARB test next month, have a few questions regarding the role would be
    helpful to speak to a current or ex members of 47 Air Dispatcher Regular or 395 TA.

    What is daily life like within this role? I understand you pack cargo and the drop cargo off but when you aren’t on tour what would you do within the role?

    How many trips would you make per year?

    (P.s I have spoke to 395 but the information I was given was limited)

  2. Give the Training Wing a call instead of 395. The unit is always busy and the amount of trips can vary. Don't forget there is a selection course to pass before gaining a slot on the AD course.
    Oh and it's Air Despatch. Good luck
  3. Thank you, sorry for the spelling Apple Macs spell checker isn't the best. Any info on the selection course for the role? I understand there is a low level flying test? the careers office didn't give to much info.

  4. The selection course is quite intense,make sure your fitness is up to scratch for starters or the DS will **** you off without hesitation.
    You have a long way to go before that so crack on getting through training, do some research on here as there are a couple of threads already.
    It is a sought after job and a cracking unit so competition just to get a slot on the course is high. Concentrate on doing well during training and you may get a chance.