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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Dave558, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first post here, I want to join the Army but having a tricky time deciding what job I might want to do.

    I want a job that I can get good qualifications for my future career.

    So I was thinking out of RMP, RLC Driver or Military Engineer Specialist Driver/Operator.

    What are the major differences between a RLC Driver & Military Engineer Specialist Driver/Operator ?

    And is there anyone on these forums who are in any of these and can tell me what it's like ?

  2. Engineer drivers are all class 3 combat engineers as well
  3. As said in the RE you would also be a Combat Engineer so could be building bridges, demolitions etc but primary job would be in the MT driving.
    Theres a big difference with the quals you need in the first place and whilst going trough to selection they would expect your physical standards to be higher for RE rather than RLC driver.

    Unless its changed recently you needed D's with GCSE's and around 50 on the BARB test for RE jobs but no quals and 43 on the BARB for RLC driver. Best off speaking to a current recruiter at the ACIO who would advise on up to date info and give you job briefs on the different trades.

    RMP is the highest BARB result of 60 and you need C's in English language and Maths.
  4. I see, cheers for the advice.

    Btw can anyone tell me what life as a Driver is like.
  5. RLC driver or RE driver???

    RE definately, not sure on the pay scale difference, but Royal Engineers is the way forward. Spent a lot of time working with Engineers throughout my time and can't recommend it enough
  6. Percy_Pigeon

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    If you are clever enough to be an RMP I would rethink your second choice. No belittling drivers of ether ilk intended or inferred but I think long term if you have that type of intelligence you will not be satisfied and ether get out or retrade

  7. I don't normally take offence at things on this site (as I usually spend my time propping up the naafi bar), but I must say something about that comment.
    I don't recall my exact BARB score as it was almost 15 years ago, but I do recall when I was given the list of available jobs I could go for there was only one that I couldn't have and that was because they on't let you fly helicopters when you're half blind. I CHOSE to be a dvr/rad op, there were a few reasons but it was a job choice that had nothing to do with my intelligence. There were only a few occasions when my intellect came into conflict with my job, usually when doing some theory work or paperwork when I wouldn't be able to understand why some people couldn't get it as fast as I could and then all it did was allow me to help others.
    It is quite arrogant to believe that all Drivers are there because they couldn't get a better trade, most are there because they want to be. Personally I've always wanted to drive wagons ever since I watched Smokey and the Bandit. No Trans-Am yet though.
    This is the sort of arrogance that believe that all inf are muppets with no brains.
    I don't mean to offend others but I just had to make some comment.

    Here endeth the rant
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  8. You drive various vehicles.

  9. Dont forget, clean lots of vehicles.

    Do you still paint them with oil to make them shine and paint the wheels black with a mixture of black paint and thinners???
  10. No offence meant to any of you RLC lads on here I am answering a question on my knowlege of being an ex recruiter and what the standards of joinng the Army. Its a bit of a mine field but basically (if I remember rightly, apologies if slightly out)

    No GCSE Quals
    Infantry over 26 on the BARB
    Artillary over 38 on the BARB
    RLC Chef 38 on the BARB
    RLC Driver 42 on the BARB
    RLC Rad OP 43 on the BARB
    AAC Groundcrewman 44 on the BARB

    With GCSE D's Eng lan, Maths, Science
    REME VM over 48 on the BARB
    RE Trades over 50 on the BARB

    Lots of others with C grades and at the top 60 on the BARB for RMP ( sometimes academic abilities doesnt = common sense )

    Along with this you need to look at physical standards and a lot of other attributes.

    Being a VM I have been lucky enough to be with RCT, Medics, Tankies, RA, Infantry, RE so know the different standards. One of the cleverest blokes ive ever met in the Army was a Sgt Major in the Armoured Infantry with all sorts of degrees etc so you cant judge a book by its cover.
  11. lots of bacon butties no excercise large gut piles heart problems and if your realy unlucky whiplash
  12. I think i'll go for Military Engineer Specialist Driver/Operator then.

    I don't think i'll be able to get 60 on the BARB.

    Although I am put off driving because of the amount of deaths by Road Side Bombs...
  13. Once you've completed over a year at trade, you'll go back to leconfield to complete your B1 and drive all the specialist engineer vehicles FL12, Foden etc. Once you're a B1, you can specialise further with ABLE/TBT/Crane or Seddon and you'll be able to go Para/Commando/Diver/EOD/Amph. As well as do all the usual Engr stuff Bridging, Dems, Mine clearance, Field Forts etc.
  14. Cheers for the advice guys

    Can't wait to join up! Training looks great fun!