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My friends son is looking to join the Army, however he has a concern regarding epilepsy. When the lad was 1 year old he had an epileptic fit and as a result was put on a 6 month course of medication. That was 15 years a ago and there has been no re-occourance. My question is would something like this prevent him from passing his entry medical??

The issue is really getting the lad down and I'd be grateful for any help in obtaining a clear answer.
Was he actually diagnosed as epileptic? My understanding is that more than one fit has to occur to have a diagnosis of epilepsy as fits are common and can occur for any reason. Maybe check with your GP about diagnosis first.


I would have thought that if he’d gone 15 years without an epileptic fit then it wouldn’t go against him.

Tell him to apply and not worry about it, the worst they can say is no, and if they do then he can appeal.
If it happened when he was 1 year old it was more than likely a febrile convulsion. 15 years ago they automatically put kids on medication but they don't now so worth checking that it really was an epileptic fit and not a febrile convulson.

p.s. febrile convulsions are common in children up to the age of 5, it the body's response to a sudden rise in temp caused by infection
Children often have fits when young when they have a high temperature doubt he is epliptic if he has been clear for 15yrs
Goku that was my thought to mate, but joining the Army means so much to the lad and he's really concearned that his dreams could be smashed by a pish issue like this.


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I've just fished out the AFCO Form 5 'Application Form Information and Guidance' from my desk.

Under Neurological disorders that would make someone unfit for enlistment it states:

Epilepsy or more than one seizure/fit after the age of 5. Single seizure/fit in the last 4 years
It would seem that as long as he wasn't diagnosed then he should be fine. Hope this helps.

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