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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Widnall, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Hello, i am currently getting fit to join as a regular infantry soldier, does anyone have any good advice to offer?

    Such as, the right food to eat, a good workout etc.

    Any information is appreciated
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  2. I wouldn't really worry about what food to eat unless you're a fat **** or you're an athlete. You'll eat shit in an army cook house for 5 months or so anyway so don't worry about it. The AFCO will give you an information pack on fitness (if you haven't got it already). Just stick to that in a roundabout way. Fitness isn't that hard anyway in craphat training to be honest. The hardest tab you'll do is an 8 mile walk in 2 hours. My mum could pass that and the old bag has a zimmer frame.
  3. I heard your mum had to carry your bergan

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    Rough guide:

    If the food has a TV advert it's probably not what you should be scoffing it.
    If it will eventually go off - it's probably good for you.
    If it's likely to survive a nuclear war - it's probably shit.

    Next tip: Get off your PC and do some PT or you'll end up fat & nearly dead like me!

    Nice cap badge by the way - PM me if you needs any info*.

    * After you've been for a run and a salad! ;-)
  5. Have a look at the following books:

    The Official British Army Fitness Guide
    The Para Fitness Guide
    Chris Ryan's SAS Fitness Book

    And if you're aiming for something really demanding look at Bruce Lee's training regime.

    Two principles to follow:
    1. Know what you're aiming for
    2. Understand you own body by experimenting to find out what suits you
  6. I'm glad we suddenly have an expert on the scene
  7. Well sweetheart, I don't see you posting anything remotely useful on this thread. Armchair critic and then some.

    Get your kicks from shiting on others, do you?
  8. There may be limits to just how far your experimenting needs to go to...
  9. HHH

    HHH LE

    Second of all check date of OP :)
  10. Oct 2012, and he hasn't logged on since.
  11. Perhaps he took his experiments too far?
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  12. Forastero

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    Shite. Locked.
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