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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rivel0121, Jun 7, 2011.

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  1. well basically im 15 and i want to join the armed forces in 2 years when im 18 but at the moment im very unfit im about 6ft1 and weight 19 stone i want to try and loose enough weight so i can join without having any problems with my health so basically what im asking for is exorcises i could do to get the most effect types of food to avoid diets ? and things like that. thanks
  2. Look through the threads and use the search function, you'll find loads of advice.
  3. H3

    H3 LE

    Run lots and eat less ...... dodge any fast food and get out and about rather than spending every night on your X box .... Simples !
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    non impact training so swim and cycle, dont jog or you will mess your knees up. up your exercise rather than cut your food but do change what you eat so junk is a treat rather than a standard. ask your doctor to refer you and they will give you a do not eat list, if you can get used to being hungry and not going to the fridge then you'll crack it. dont go large in mcdonalds and dilute any fizzy drinks. the temptation will be to stop eating which is worse as your body goes into horde mode and slows your metabolism, if anything eat more often but take smaller portions so your stomach shrinks and your metabolism increases. foods which take more to digest than you get out of them so learn to like stir fries and snack on carrots and apples instead of mars bars and crisps. dont eat late, you will have to commit to cutting off your food early and going hungry untill breakfast instead of that late night high calorie snack you probably have. and stay off the alcohol.

    you've got enough time to do it gently and not hurt yourself doing it, walk everywhere or cycle and it'll soon drop off but you will feel fitter before that. there are special exercise programs for the overweight which are designed not to break you, stuff like press ups against a door frame instead of against the floor or running on the spot a few seconds at a time while watching tv (just do it downstairs) you will fitten up and slim down but not necessarily lose weight as muscle is heavier. you'll notice by muscle definition and how slack your clothes feel.

    loads of help in the nhs for this and school will help if you ask as there will be allsorts of lunchtime clubs you can do, paid gyms will upset you so do it at your own pace and see if you can get friends or family to join in to improve themselves. a facebook page can help with morale boosting once people realise you are serious. if you have an overweight parent then do a deal with them so you diet together.

    one thing to bear in mind, fat cells multiply but when they are empty they stay flat but they do stay unless removed surgically and can inflate again overnight so you need to commit to a lifestyle choice and it has to be a permanent one for it to work.

    Good luck.
  5. thanks for the help its really appreciated
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    oh oh I'm turning into next doors dad.
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  11. Just ask in the ACIO for a Getting fit for the Army booklet, lots of useful advice in their plus dieting tips.........if you cant get back to the ACIO ask online for it.
  12. And brush up on your arithmetic. 15 + 2 =?