Discussion in 'REME' started by ally_tol3, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. I got an SPSO (is that what it is called?) interview for REME - recy mech, from the RLC - Driver rad op, and i am not sure the sort off the things the officer may ask me, just want to prepare myself, i know why i want to transfer, but is there any other questions he or she may ask me?

  2. He will ask to look at your knuckles, if they are scuffed, your in.
  3. if you have rank you get to keep it on a case by case basis, ensure you confirm your status. hey we have taken reme dvr's, rlc dvr's and rlc rad ops. if you are a can do guy come on board to the best trade in army. good luck mate
  4. im two weeks into phase two lol so av no rank but someone told me because i am transfering cap badge i get some money or summit or is that total bull
  5. ATM reccy mechs are getting £500 for passing their initial trade course as the trade is now pinch-point... i.e in need of manpower. :)
  6. Im sure the SPSO will still expect you to have D grades in English, Maths and science as per the joining up criterias but that is up to the SPSO. Obviously in the job you had gone for you didnt require any qualifications and it was mainly on your BARB score. I have seen some SPSOs waiver this but on the whole try and keep it to the same critearias as when you went through selection. You will probably be asked why you didnt go for Reccy Mech on your three preferences at ADSC???
  7. Hear hear,
    £500 to pass trade trg what ever next I passed because I wanted to be a recy mech not £500, wouldnt have said no to it i must admit.

    Does this shortage mean they might trawl some of us old & bold back to the Fold.
    Come on get a hold if you think were old enuff lol
  8. deleted duplicate
  9. deleted triplicated
  10. this is a trade question.......

    What is that????? you reply..........i dont know but i can lift it
  11. John have you got a stutter or did you double tap mate.
    Might go around the merry go round again for 500 quid, have not seen so much money i me hand.
    might not last last so long if you have to pay for a reme track suit, stable belt, pi** stained matress and all those forms you signed and didn't real know what they where though. plus hope you don't get it paid into that bizzare credit system, anyone got a handl on whatt that was all about?
  12. Is it D grades now for fecks sake? Lets just let any clown in and say its good for recruiting, do we have standards anymore?
  13. Feck it lets just let in E's and F's.
  14. Oh no we already are in the storeman trades.(sorry read anyone who fails a VM course)
  15. server said probs looks like next guy had same prob