Need advice regarding an unwanted person.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by J_D, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE

    Tonight on shift my supervisor received an email from a woman. She is some one who has been harassing me since she started seeing a mate of mine. Consider this, my friend lives in the USA, the same as her. She emailed into work complaining that I am trying to pry into their (non-existent) relationship. She has made claims which are not true. How can I break up a relationship when there is a massive ocean between us?

    This all started last February, she got my home number and mobile number from my friends phone bill (she works for his mobile operator). She used to call up screaming and ranting complete b0ll0x. She got my work email and wrote in complaints, she even found out my home address. My poor friend has had the same, since dumping her. She call’s his mobile, if no answer calls his CQ, failing that she will call his CO.

    I am at my last thread, I got her barred from my mobile and home phone number. I informed my local police, to which they replied that nothing can be done as it is not threatening. I ignore her, I have done nothing wrong but she comes up with mad theories! Every time I think I have got rid of this mad cow she comes back like an unwanted rash. She has attempted suicide, which obviously didn’t work and she keeps on making claims that I am pressuring her to do it. This woman is making me crack up. I have never met her and do not want to. She tried to press charges, claiming my friend made her lose her baby but actually she had an abortion.

    Has any one got any legal advice on this? I know it may sound petty but there is a lot more! When she brings it into my place of work, its crossing the line! There is alot more to this but this is the basic outline.
  2. She sounds as though she may be mentally ill. I'm afraid legally, there is probably little you can do as she poses no direct physical threat to you. I suggest you just treat like a mosquito and stop thinking about her.
  3. J_D

    J_D LE

    I do but she finds ways to hunt me down. Seriously I can swear on my families life I have done jack sh1te. I have received letters from her informing me to stay away. Which is of no use cus I ain't seen my mate since last year. Is there not some law in USA about this? Or I could call her work and inform them she has gone through a customer's records to get my number? Thats breeching a confidental act, am I not right?
  4. I would have thought you have a similar Act in Law to the Protection from Harassment Act, Its basically what you feel is harassment
  5. I believe there is. Could be a stalking law to cover it as well

    Getting your contact numbers in the manner she did may also be illegal, certainly unethical. It may be hard to prove though, but it probably wouldn't hurt to express your concerns of her doing this to her employer.
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    Thank you, if there is any more advice please keep it coming.
  7. Or fight fire with fire.
    Give her a taste of what it is like by bombarding her with crap catalogue gift offers you see in the papers. Like sensible shoes, wide slacks, plastic dog sets, Book clubs, Porn clubs, ect ect. Order her take away's, banquet ones.
    All you need to do is give her address. She will be so pre occupied sending them back that she will lose interest in you and go mad.
  8. Good idea - a bit of a smokecreen.

    Get her email address and sign her up for every form of spam going.

    Or call her bluff and admit that you are indeed the anti-christ and get her to contact a lawyer.
  9. If she has got your number via work I would imagine she is in breach of her terms of employment, privacy, abusing work stuff etc etc. Have a word with her employer, you may not be the only one she is hassling. Whatever you do start a diary of the calls, Emails etc you could I suppose, contact her local police. She does sound like a nutter, I had one like this a while ago and going to the Police speeds things up, it certainly puts the sh1ts up them and they back off or go to court.
  10. as with the above , maybe you should encourage her to commit suicide by implying that her Mate no longer loves her and actually prefers that blonde girl from New York, tip her over the edge , really twist it by sayig he only considered dating her cos he need a shag and actually found somebody better than her, prettier than her, richer than her .you get the picture use any means to reduce her self esteem to the point where suicide is an option even nudge her in that direction "you are so ugly , crap shag , why don't you kill yourself"

    if does that , peace shall reign :)
  11. Semper,

    spot on! telling her that she really is worthless and that the world might be better off without her could tip over the edge...

    Sign her up for and perhaps and make sure you become the sole executor of her will. If she hasn't got one, suggest that she makes one lol!
  12. Skiff-by-proxy. Perhaps that will let her know that she isnt the only lunatic on this knackered planet, and will quit her attention-seeking teenage antics.
  13. Alternatively, cut her throat and bury her in a shallow grave, bloody bunny boilers... :roll:
  14. What goes around come around. Like others have said - make complaints to her workplace and so on as well. Remember - nutcases like these probably feed off the response of you give them or on how they are making you feel the way you do now. Try not to let her get you down, like you said, she's an ocean away from you.

    Or alternatively, sign up her details to as many gay and lonely hearts dating sites stating that three-way insertions are a speciality. She'll too inaundated (sp?)to deal with you. :D
  15. J_D

    J_D LE

    Update, informed parents. As she has pestered them in the past, mind you my dad didn't let her get a word in edge ways (imagine a jack Dee look-alike with Phil Mitchell’s attitude). Well, mum seeked out advice from a lawyer. She has committed a breach of practice with privacy at work also she comes under slander. Let’s just say along with her work she will be getting a visit via the US Embassy.

    I did though, have a thought of slitting her throat and sh1tting down her neck!