need advice on my decision

before i say my question i have searched every forum and website about this but im am still in need of advice and was hoping someone here will be kind enough to help me.
ok basically i have chosen to join the kings royal hussars as they will stay an mbt regiment and i want to have a go in the chally 2's and they will be in the reaction forces in army 2020. now another big reason i was gona join this regiment was the fact that when they go on tour they seem to operate a variety of vehicles and go dismounted and will this no longer be they case in army 2020 and post Afghanistan if so should i consider joining another reg cos although i love the idea of operating the chally 2 but i dont want to spend my entire career in one vehicle i want to do dismounted and operate many other vehicles

sorry for the long post just want to make the right choice of regiment for me when i join up

sorry my question is are MBT regiments such as the KRH post Afghanistan and in army 2020 still going to do dismounted work and operate other vehicles
Had you included even the tiniest little "?" In your post somebody might be able to work out what the freekin question might be and thus be able to furnish you with an answer.


Have you been in an operating tank before? Spending any length of time in an mbt is a grim experience imho... doesn't matter how ally it looks from the outside.
well no im just trying to find out if the MBT regiment will always stay in the tanks or should i look into the armoured cav or light cav regiments for the variety i want?
if you just want to drive an assortment of vehicles and do a bit of running around then join the REME as a mechanic. they let you drive allsorts of shit and sometimes you don't even need a license and once a year you get to play soldiers and live in a hole.
Once Afghanistan is over and assuming our glorious political leaders havn't already got us fighting in Syria, Iran or North Korea, then it is likely that MBT regiments will get back to being tank soldiers. With whole fleet management still in being, they will only have a handful of tanks at the regiment. This means lots of dismounted stuff to stop soldiers getting bored.

However, you seem to want your cake and eat it!

If you want to work on lots of different vehicles then maybe you should join the RCT, or RLC or whatever it's called now. Eddie Stobbart in uniform.

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