Need advice on Iraq offer.

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by sillyboy, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Just had the nod recently that I might be in line for a facilities management job in Iraq, not arrsed about the change of scenery/standard of living ect have spent a fair amount of time in both sandpits during my time in rig ! I just want a heads up on the levels of tax charged (if any), if I effectively still "exist" in terms of national insurance in the UK and if there are any things I should put in place before and if I leave ? Questions might be a bit bone but havent much experience in these things..cheers
  2. I think on the whole as long as you spend less than 90 days in the UK you qualify for tax free status, which should start on your first pay packet, whether you start in March or in May (ie nothing to do with the financial year).
    You still have to make NI contributions for the first year, however, if you are still out their in a years time these then become voluntary. So if you opt to pay them you still get your "stamp" but lose some of your benefits, ie dole and free European health cover. The NI stuff is all explained in the NI guide NI38.
    And you are entitled to this while still keeping your UK home address for mail vote registration etc, your just not aloud to see it for that long ;-)
    As for in place before you leave, the usual stuff you would do in rig I guess. Will etc can be a bit of an arrse for private insurance if your firm don't cover it.
  3. Your an absolute star mate cheers, if all thats confirmed i think im in for a change of scenery ! cheers again....Reni
  4. Be wary - As I recall from when I thought I was going to be out of the country for a while you've got to be non resident for 9 months out of 12 for a number of years.

    I would strongly recommend you consult an accountant for the current rules. Incidentally you can no longer just keep the money in an offshore account and not pay tax on it. Tax is payable by UK residents irrespective of where it is earned.
  5. Also be careful on the location you sign the contract. If its with a UK company and they are based in UK then you are liable for the full monty. make sure you pay the right type of NI contribution not just the one that goes towards your pension. If you return to the UK and try to get any benefit you cant, if you have not paid enough NI contributions in the two years prior to when you make your claim.
    ie if you claim in 2008 they use 2007/2006 contributions to assess your eligability.
  6. Reni, I have been out here as a contractor for 3 years now. Tax is easy: get an accountant! But you do have to aim off at no more than 91 days in the UK (whichis a 6 on, 2 off sort of rotation). There's a bit of flex, but leave that to the accountant, they charge about £400 a year and do it all for you. I can give you the name of a good bloke in London who can do it all by email.

    The guys above are right, you don't need an offshore account unless you are going to hide stuff from the taxman (not a great idea) in which case it must be a Swiss account (not Jersey or Cayman as they all have disclosure agreements with the UK IR). But if you don't have to pay tax it's not a drama as your accountant will register you non-resident for tax and you just use your high street bank.

    Keep paying National Insurance as it's about £9 a month, and it keeps you voting, you can use NHS, get a pension etc.

    Depending on the company you are with there will be insurance - you won't get commercial insurance - and you can sometimes top it up, but it's not worth it. The risks are not that bad anymore, not even for CPOs.

    Any other questions, PM me, I'm bored and fed up waiting for a sandstorm to clear so I can come home!
  7. Shit mate, you must be based somewhere nice then lol!

    Weather's gash at the mo innit? Fed up with blowing my snotter. Good luck with the flights though.....!!!
  8. Woody, just got banged back another 2 days! But I can almost guarantee the SET will take me to BIAP as I sign the Leave Applications off!

    We're out west and it's ok, now the USMC have finished killing every living thing in the region! Better than my time in baggers and up north. Besides, it pays to be in with the in-crowd (ie the crowd that don't cut your pay!)

    Not sure that the lads agree about the risks!

    Weather's oktoday, but the forecast is pants for the next 3 days. No doubt I'll get stranded at the delightful Alia Gateway in any case!
  9. I spoke to the JobCentre about stamp etc.. they told me that even though you dont pay it as long as you have been a resident of the UK for 15 years and have been paying stamp for 10 of those then even if you dont pay anymore you're still entitled to the BASIC pension and normal NHS treatment.

    That was 12-18 months ago so it may be worth checking again.. the dopey mong that I spoke to was about 12 years old by the looks of him and as helpful as a non-helpful thing marked "I dont want to be helpful today" ....

    And yeah the weather was a bit pump the past few days.. nice blue sky now though.. :) - hope you got home safe 5.56 mate..

  10. Ahh! The Queen Alia...makes South Cerney look like the Hilton.I thoroughly recommend that everyone....should avoid it like the plague (or at least the scabies outbreak some time back :D 8O )

    Fck I hate that toilet. I especially love the 'breakfast of champions' first thing. Hoorgh. at least it's free I guess. I remember some lads had to stay there for about a week once. The horror.........
  11. Point to note for anyone on the way out to Iraq or Afghan in a civvy role, the requirement is to serve a FULL TAX YEAR to qualify for exempt status. I am in Baghdad sh*t bust until April 2010 and if I jack before then I could be eligable for up to 23 months tax, and for a 50k a year wage that will evidently sting. Check your terms and conditions before leaving and make sure you put enough away to cover any dramas.