need advice on future career

Ive now got to the stage were i believe its time to move on, only problem is i dont know what to do when i get out, i served 10 years in a infantry battalion before transfering across to be a Driver Rad OP in the RLC which i have now been for 1 year the main reason for the transfer was to get all my licences as a back up for Driver jobs i civvy street but like i said a back up not full time, i wouldnt mind going into Telecomunications as i have a signals plt/tp qualifications as a Det commander and also hear the money is good the only problem is i dont know where to start looking or the kind of people who can tell me what to do next especially when it come to converting any of my mil quals into civvy ones.

any help on this matter would be greatful.
A good starting point is your Ed center. They should be able to point you in right direction.

As for career in comms check out local college courses for your annual allowance and use it up every year til your ROD.

Sky recruit regularly on their site, or just search engine comms companies and see what their looking for.

Good Luck


Could you afford to go to Uni and get yourself a degree in IT/Comms/whatever?
Speak to your resettlement officer, the ed centre people and your unit admin staff. They should be able to tell you what your qualifications equate to in civvy street.

If you want to go to university then it is likely you will have to do an "access course". That would be to inform the uni that you have the neceassary ability. It would also give you an idea about whether that scene was right for you.

Don't forget that whatever your (civvy) qualifications, your military experience and personal attributes are qualities that a discerning employer would want to be able to have call on. The buzz words are (or were in my day) "transferable skills". The resettlement process, with various courses on those sort of topics, may help.
thanks alot for all your help so far. at the moment i am at home still waiting to be posted i got sent home by my CSM and have been off now for 8 weeks i have spoken to my CSM and he has told me he is waiting for a phone call from MCM Div but how long is this going to take as i am waiting time at the moment waiting for that call im even thinking of doing a part time job but once again would not know what i am able to do
If you want to persue Further/Higher education, don't worry too much about entry level qualifications. Mature students are offered a lot of latitude in this regard and can be offered a place based on all manner of jumbled qualifications. Many Army courses have a civillian equivilant - you might be surprised at what you have racked up over the years! Your Ed centre should be able to advise you over this.

Don't be afraid of the mounting cost of a degree - student loans are almost free money - certainly the cheapest money you are going to get. If you are doing a course that is a definite means to an end i.e. a ticket to a higher paying job, then it is worth it. The main barrier to 18 year olds is that many do not really have a clue what they want to do, end up applying for university courses based on their best A level and then question an 18 grand debt for lets say, a History degree. A mature candidate with plenty of life experience can do more with the piece of paper and the utility of that loan is much greater - especially with a technical qualification.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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