Need advice on Army for a 16 yr old please

Fellas, I suggested to Nicks that he post this query on ARRSE, but he's not had much response in the Seniors forum, so I've copied it over here. Helpful comments only, please! :wink:

Nicks said:
Ive just popped over from Rum Ration as I am looking for a bit of info for my youngest boy,who is 16 in August.He is currently in his last year at school.

He has done a week at Pirbright as part of a "Look and See" with the school and now is making serious sounds about going in full time.

He has no qualifications and is looking at going to join up as part of the" Light Gun" team,if that is correct??

Any info etc most welcomed.



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A sixteen year old with no qualifications might want to look at the Army Foundation College before wandering into the ACIO.
Some of the attractions for parent and/or child for AFC might be:

- Qualifications (plus outside chance of being picked up as bright enough to be pushed towards RCB)
- Supervision
- No commitment beyond end of course. (I think)
- £700 per month pocket money
Nicks, Mr Fingerz and Pteranadon are both correct. A 16 year old would have to go to either Harrogate or Bassingbourne (Not sure if there are other AFC's in the country), but anyway, if it's the Artillery that he wants to join and he wishes to work on a gun it's called a detachment and there are two types: AS90 and Light Gun. I'm biased towards Light Gun but have worked the 'Nasty' as well. Any further questions drop me a line on email.
To further clarify, a sixteen year old does indeed have 2 options for entry into the Gunners - Harrogate or Bassingbourn. Basically which one you attend is based on assessed suitability for training. At the top end you will be offered Harrogate (a 42 week course involving both military and academic training) at the lower end Bassingbourn (a 17 week course focussing more on the miltary training aspect). Of course it's not as simple as that, some who score highly simply do not want further education ( they are joining the Army to move away from the classroom) and so opt for Bassingbourn etc - all of this should be explained to him in a careers office.
As for working with Light Gun, the young man now has 3 options:
1. 40 Regt RA based in Topcliffe North Yorkshire (moving to NI end of 08)
2. 7 (Para) RHA based in Colchester - required to pass P Company
3. 29 Commando Regt RA based in Plymouth - required to pass all arms commando course
He can find out more info on all these regiments at

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