Need advice on Army for a 16 yr old please

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Nicks, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Ive just popped over from Rum Ration as I am looking for a bit of info for my youngest boy,who is 16 in August.He is currently in his last year at school.

    He has done a week at Pirbright as part of a "Look and See" with the school and now is making serious sounds about going in full time.

    He has no qualifications and is looking at going to join up as part of the" Light Gun" team,if that is correct??

    Any info etc most welcomed.

  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  3. Cheers for that.

    Anyone on here currently serving in these teams care to give me a bit of inside info if possible??
  4. He is far from limited on what he wants to do, just because he has no qualifications... I would advise he goes for a trade thats going to further aide him later in life with regards to civillian employment... I am sure if and when he goes to the careers centre they will advise him on whats best and available to him. When and if he visits the centre, he will find out all the information he needs... Good Luck!
  5. I wouldn't let lack of qualifications get in the way. I had none when I joined at 16 and the recruiting Sgt explained that the Army understand that school doesn't suit everybody, which is why you sit the BARB test (May of just been his view - but it seemed correct when I joined the Apprentice College at Harrogate - fear of punishment helped me study harder than I ever did at school :oops: ). Some trades ask for a pre-requisite of quals, but I think if you join as a junior these are waived.
  6. Tell him to wait for his GCSE results as that combined with the BARB test scores will show what trades/careers are available to him. He might be offered the chance in a trade he didn't know about. My boy is 16 in September but won't finish school and get his results till he is almost 17 so he is gutted.
  7. We moved to Spain 3 years ago and my son has wanted to join the army since he was about 5 - we thought he might change his mind, but NO, he went over to the UK in January and has been accepted for the 17 week Junior acceptance at Bassingbourne starting in September - he is abck in Spain now and driving us mad waiting to start!!. He has no qualifications as he was put down a year in Spain due to not spekaing the language - he is now fluent in both English and Spanish.
    He was given a few options and has selected to join the catering core, as he enjoys cooking and is a trade he should be able to make use of should he leave the army.

    Good luck to your son with whatever he decides to do. If he is not very academic or does not get on well at school, I would advise letting him join up now as he would be doing what he wants to do and gaining experience and qualifications aswell.
  8. Wow last the army is getting a chef who is keen on cooking! lol. Only joking
    The advice here is good, wait till he has got his GCSEs and then that combined with the BARB will alow the recruiters to see what trades will be suitable. I left school with only 2 O levels but it didn't stop me joining the top 10%!!
    Your lad needs to make sure though that he doesn't get palmed off with whatever happens to be the flavour of the day when he goes to the recruiting ofice, although it's nowhere near as common as in the old days some recruiters will fill their own Corps first despite the applicant wanting (and being more suited to) something else.....I know, I've done it shame on me I know!!
    In my experience if a soldier is willing to graft and keep his nose clean(ish) then there is nowhere better to learn a trade that'll serve you in civvy street than the army, like Shallen says his lad has no quals but is gonna be a chef and that aint bad at all.