Need advice on a slightly different "sensitive" issue

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by putteesinmyhands, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I've got a bit of a delicate problem and hope you can give some good advice.

    I was in the TA while I went to university. In my final year I met a girl who had just started her course and who went to the local OTC. We had a bit of a thing going until I got mobilised for Iraq during my final term. (I decided to put off my exams for a year so that I wouldn't miss out on the oportunity to deploy). When I completed my tour, I decided to stay on with the Army, so I ended up not going back for my exams.

    I'm a Cpl now and, as luck would have it, my girl took up a regular commission and we are now in the same troop. We realise that cross-rank relationships are frowned upon, but we're both very professional and only get together at weekends when we are off camp and out of sight.

    That's only part of the problem. In our troop, we've got a couple of brothers that have been with us for about 6 months. They're scousers and are a right dodgy pair. The barracks were relatively quiet until they arrived but since they came there's been a spate of thefts from the rooms. In the early hours of one day last week, the NAAFI bandit was done over and I saw them walking back from that direction at about the right time. The trouble is that nobody has been able to find any evidence that proves it was them.

    Now, these brothers have got a cousin who's another JNCO in the troop. I got on with him quite well until the brothers turned up, but now he has clammed up. I came in yesterday to find him in my bedspace. I think he had been looking through my locker. The problem is that I've got a photo album in there with pictures of me and my girl while we were at university.

    I'm worried that he may start stirring things about us as a way to take the heat off his cousins. What can I do?


    OK, it's a fictitious story, but I'd like to get some views on the ARRSERs recommended course of action.
  2. thought so.
  3. Are you on a journalism course?
  4. Quiet Simple the female officer should be cashiered and shot for nobbing one of her JNCO's unless she is in the Sappers where she will be promoted and sent on Long Look!
  5. Quiet Simple the female officer should be cashiered and shot for nobbing one of her JNCO's unless she is in the Sappers where she will be promoted and sent on Long Look!
  6. Twice? :plotting:
  7. Simple. All three scousers should be doused in petrol and set on fire.
    You should do the honourable thing, retire from the Army, marry the bird and live off her wages.
  8. yeah, live off her pay, drink in the mess and slag em all off (we all know you couldn't hack a degree for love nor money)

  9. My trades not allowed long look either, but unlike you, Im not bitter :wink:
  10. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP


    There is no hope for you. Your MS profile is the lowest ever.

    MS Reps will stab you in the front and tell you as it as it is :p

    Unlike your 1RO and 2RO who will just stab you in the back :roll:

    I'm back after 6 months away with no time off for good behavior and no POTL :thumbdown:
  11. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    err.. clearly I missed a few posts :lol:

    I'll just go back and read them all again :lol:


  12. You know the exact same thing happened to me at the start of my career......

    Another tinfoil hat, Vicar?
  13. She was a sLapper!
  14. They usually are!

    Indeed I believe that a young Sapper female officer (Cpl your rifle please, I have a duty to carry out for the Corps) is pregnant by a NCO (fine chap) from another unit after having some love in the tank park. Funny posting for her though- fancy being sent to an Air Support unit and not being able to fly as she is pregnant.