Need advice ,bout insurance

Hello, can anyone advise. Want to park my car up and SORN it. The insurance expires in 2 weeks. Can i transfer the car policy on to a motorbike? (Havent got the bike yet) What happens in the furture when i want to get the car back on the road legally. Is there any dos and donts.
Insurance: speak to your insurers. You probably won't be able to transfer the policy directly, but they might give a discount as an existing policy holder. I insure van + scooter with the same insurer and get a discount.

SORN: if your MoT is still in date when you want to un-SORN, then its a matter of getting a new insurance policy and then the tax. If everything has expired, I think you have to get temporary insurance cover, get the car MoT'd (you can drive to the MoT station for a confirmed appointment without tax or valid MoT - only), then fully insure and tax.
thanks for that. I was thinking the same regards existing customer. If i could still with them. Cancel the car policy and start bike policy. Has anyone tried restarting car insurance after a break. Would i loss my NCD?
Keep the policy alive, but change the cover to 'Fire and Theft' only. That way, if something happens to your car whilst it is off the road, you are still covered, your NCD continues to rack up, and it is relatively cheap.
Its on fire/theft at the mo. Cost is £390. The bike insurance is £300 plus full comp. Im trying to stop one to pay for the other policy . Have doubts about ncb racking up. Been driving near 20 years but the insure people only count 9 years max. Is there any point racking up more years? thanks for advice so far
If you already have full ncb for your car, then no, there is no point racking more up. £390 just for F&T seems very high, do you live in the centre of Liverpool or something? That is twice what I pay fully comp.
You cannot transfer a car policy onto a motorbike unless you have an exceptionally friendly motor underwriter who happens to be a mate of yours. If you go to an insurance broker they may be able to combine the two onto one policy (unlikely though).

The reason for keeping your car insurance is as stated above: if something happens while it is SORN'd then without insurance you are buggered. If you fail to have car insurance for 12 -18 months (depends on insurer) then you loose ALL your no-claims.

You are paying a lot for MTPL Fire&Theft. Have you been a naughty boy with the loud pedal? Have a look around on the web and go for the cheapest available offer: they will allow you to transfer your no-claims across. As someone who works in the insurance industry (though not a motor specialist), there is no loyalty whatsoever to the customer for motor insurance.
tried gocompare and confused and the prices were double my renewal price. tried switching to third only and it doubled again. Have a clean license 0 points but live in manchester. anyone know a real company that rewards good drivers?

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