Need advice about a few things plz

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ck_army, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I need advice about a few things......first should i wear a full suit to my first interview? What are the pull ups and sit ups passmark at adsc? Its in edinburgh. Cheers
  2. there is no set passmark, it is an assessment of your PULHHEEMS mate (Physical, Upper, Lower, Hearing left, Hearing right, Eyesight left, Eyesight right, Medical and strength) (correct me if i am wrong on any of them by the way please) it is recommended that you wear a full suit as it shows the OC there that you are a smart and well presented potential soldier which goes without saying is a good start.

    Just give it your all and show that you are keen and confident and you will do well mate.
  3. When we say First Interview are we talking first time you walk through the door or Recruiters interview after RG8 and Barb???

    Suit isnt necessary if you dont have one, look smart, trousers shirt shiney shoes and all will be fine.
  4. I've got my first interview in a couple of weeks. Going in shirt, tie, trousers, shoes. Honestly, buying a suit would be a waste of money to get 2-3 wears out of it.
  5. Id recommend a suit mate, its not essential but shows you could be bothered, as well as that id work on the little things as well, Try to maintain eye contact, speak with confidence and as MSI64 said make sure your shoes are shiny
  6. thanks peeps put my mind to rest a bit
  7. In PULHHEEMS the M is mental I think, and S is stability (referring to emotional stability and such).
  8. Yeah its my interview after the rg8 and barb? ??
  9. oh right! wear tracky bottoms, a dirty shirt and a baseball cap then! :D

    dont forget to wear your bling bling!
  10. Buy a suit'll use it plenty more once your in and if you don't get in you'll have one to look smart for other job interviews :wink: .
  11. Thanks alot for the help but one last thing..... What do they ask and stuff like that in your first interview ???? Cheers
  12. They ask what kind of person you are, find your strengths your weaknesses, your general lifestyle, its easy, just a casual conversation.
  13. Didn't you get the sheet on how to prepare for the interview? You'll have to know about you 3 job choices, what training they do and where and for how long and what you will do at training Phase 1 and Phase 2. Know a bit about the corps/regiments history. Know the policy on drugs, tattoos and body piercing, know some vehicles or equipment you may have to use in your job choices, brush up on current army operations and deployment, what role the army has, not just defence and why you want to join the army and the jobs you've chosen, the other questions you can think of on the spot, these need a little revision.

    Hope it helps.
  14. Say 'please' not plz. Refer to recruitment staff by their rank unless told otherwise by them. If you don't know their rank, find out. It's called initiative.
  15. Have you had the interview, i've got mine next tuesday and been given a sheet with loads to learn, doesn't sound like a 'casual' conversation to me?