Need a US-Stylee camp cot? Be quick!!

If you missed out on any of the camp-cot liberating opportunities posed by coalition deployments (various) with Unca Sams Jolly GIs ove r the las decade-plus, and are envious of others sleeping on their o-so-gucci Federal Issue camp cots, you have a brief opportunity on Easter monday to make up for the shortfall.

ALDI are flogging lookalikes for £20.00. I've already got 2 - as well as my genuine-bedouin GW1 issue jobber - courtesy - somehow - of an excellent QM doing AMF(L) duties at the time of hostilities . . .

They aren't bad at all:

ALDI - Monday Special Buys 25th April 2011


Top tip - don't try manipulating one while under the influence of alcohol, moreso especially when naked. Dangly bits have been known to be excised.
How have you already got two? They're not for sale until Monday.

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