Need a US-Stylee camp cot? Be quick!!

If you missed out on any of the camp-cot liberating opportunities posed by coalition deployments (various) with Unca Sams Jolly GIs ove r the las decade-plus, and are envious of others sleeping on their o-so-gucci Federal Issue camp cots, you have a brief opportunity on Easter monday to make up for the shortfall.

ALDI are flogging lookalikes for £20.00. I've already got 2 - as well as my genuine-bedouin GW1 issue jobber - courtesy - somehow - of an excellent QM doing AMF(L) duties at the time of hostilities . . .

They aren't bad at all:

ALDI - Monday Special Buys 25th April 2011


Top tip - don't try manipulating one while under the influence of alcohol, moreso especially when naked. Dangly bits have been known to be excised.

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