need a sparkys help...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by pumpaac, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. i am wondering if anyone can help, i am after the nsn's if there is any for twin and earth 1mm, 2.5mm, 6mm and 10mm...

    thankyou in advance for any help...
  2. can't remember any to be honest, have you tried Google????
  3. Rewiring your house?
  4. You asked this question on the Useful NSNs thread two days ago. I'm sure it will be answered there in due course, possibly even by me in a couple of weeks when I'm back at my PoD.
  5. I take it this is for some self help in your unit? There are no NSN's assigned, they are bought under a supply contract and a stock code is assigned through that, contracts changed earlier this year and we found ourselves to be in limbo when trying to get kit. If you are re-wiring a Sqn Bar etc, buy from CEF or similar you will get it cheaper than the contract. However a word to the wise is to go through Defence Estates or whatever they are calling themselves this week as your blokes will not be qualified to carry out the work or able to sign it off.
  6. yeah its for sqn bar, we have a electrician fully quald civvy but it was to keep the cost down....
    cheers for the help will try the CEF...
  7. the last couple of cone-heid (e)'s that i spoken to did not even know we were on ammd 1 of the regs or that the t & i sheets have been reformatted. just saying. ;-)
  8. Which unit are you and have you thought about going crazy and asking your regt resources staffy if he could get some, from say, the ******* GLOBAL CELL in Hameln which is used for this type of thing?
    If its stocked from a previous job he just needs to demand some and we will issue it or go crazy, ring it and ask we may have some buckshee from previous jobs.
    Just saying like!
  9. No probs, It may sound like I'm trying to piss on your bonfire, but he may be fully qualified on the outside but to undertake work on Mil Estate he has to either be on the DE Competant persons/skilled tradesman register for that site or an RE Cl1 and DE need to be aware of the work and have signed it off as suitable. He will need to be qualled to test and inspect his work and if it is in England or Wales have an in date Part P registration. If its in Germany, run away screaming as their regs are a world of pain.Its not just a case of slinging it in, he needs to prove that it is suitable and fit for purpose and the existing infrastructure can take the alteration to DE and DE will have to agree to the changes. If DE come in to the bar at a later date, any deviations from what they have on their books should be there, the shit will roll down hill rapidly. I've just had to sort out 2 x Mess bars here which had been subjected to amateur sparkies altering, adding and dicking around over the years and it was a feckin nighmare just trying to work out what went where as the drawings from DE did not reflect what was in there, to say they were not best pleased would be an understatement. Best bet is to have a word with them and clear the path, they are normally very helpfull and will provide advice and guidance for self help projects. Any Q's pm me.
  10. Hope you are not levelling anything at me there old fellah?
  11. nadda mate, never met these before in my life BUT i was shocked, pardon the pun, that they never knew/were aware of these changes.

    ref: post above the days of "self-help sappers" are long gone my friend. :-(
  12. In the last few months a load of construction stores have had NSNs assigned to them in order to aid the procurement process, this includes electrical stores. Go and speak to your res specs and they will be able to square you away.
  13. so he should go to the NAAFI then P_L???? ;-)
  14. We are still waiting for the NSNs.....................It looks like the original poster is also not Sappers, therefore he might not get access to the second biggest consumer group of Pies in the Corps other than the Planties.
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  15. Self help still happens, just a matter of speaking to the right person and dotting the T's when it comes to ensuring that what you leave behind the maint org responsible for the building is happy to take on for future maintenance. Not as easy as before, but it is doable!