Need A Small Favour From Someone In The Royal Irish Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tomthetinker, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. I want to ask a couple of discreet questions about someone who may have served in the RIR. This is a sensitive matter and I don't want to post any details in open forum that may cause distress or embarrasment to someone's family.

    I'm not walt hunting or trying to invade anybodies privacy. Nor do I want to violate anybodies Persec. This is strictly a private matter. If anyone from RIR thinks they can help, or can steer me in the right direction, please PM me and I will give a full explanation. You can decide where to go from there.

    There is no mystery or anything dodgy involved, but you might be able to save me a wild goose chase writing to RHQ with an unecessary enquiry.

  2. PM sent