Need a Review of Outlaw

someone has been flogging a 2007 flick starring Sean Bean of Sharpes and Ronin fame and some guy I never heard of [ must be a Brit actor ] Danny Dyer..called OUTLAW

synopsis is: Former paratrooper returns from Iraq to London where he finds the city in lawless chaos [ normal for today or spec fiction ?].. Outraged, he puts together the proverbial cadre of usual 'ard pros and goes about setting things right.. conflict develops when the 'team' , etc.. can't decide when enough mayhem is enough..

sounds to me a trite derivative bit of film-making along the lines of so many other flicks, but it might have enough action, guns, explosions and gratuitous sex and violence to make it worth an effort...
anyone seen it?
add to the collection?
Walmart Dump search?
or pass as cr@p?
I've seen it, pretty tonk. Watchable if you have nothing better to do. If your a regular on the outrage bus it will probably appeal.

Edit, don't bother buying it rent it if you must see it.


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Its pretty bad. Nick Love (Director) tends to stick with the same people in his films, but this is perhaps the worst he has managed yet. The Football Factory was good, The Business passable, but this.....sh1te really.
Its f*cking w@nk mate, loved his two previous films The Football Factory and The Business but this was chav porn, Danny Dyer played Danny Dyer ( as he does in every film he's in) and Sean Bean & Bob Hoskins were wasted in it, unconvincing story and b*llocks acting...................avoid like the plague.

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